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Graitec CADCON+ 2023.1 Software
Graitec AB Studio CADCON+ 2023.1 build 0052

Graitec CADCON+ 2023.1


All powerful drawing functions that you know from ordinary CAD software, including a full support of DWG format, work with layers, viewports and much more. All functions commonly used for drawing and drawing modifications are available. They are for example lines, polylines, copy, move, rotate, stretch, measure and many others. You can choose between a modern control environment using tool ribbons or a classic icon environment. Keyboard shortcut support or so called "Command Suggestion" are self-evident.

All efficient drawing functions, that you know from regular CAD programs, including full support of the latest DWG format. CADKON+ enables the drawing enviroment to be set according to existing company standards. It includes mainly a layer system and settings of linetypes and lineweights connected with it, furthermore drawing scale, units, display of elements and library sharing which is pre-set but can be also modified and set according to your company standards. CADKON+ offers compact command groups used to draw building construction that enable you render a specific construction in a drawing simply by entering its parameters. Consequent modifications and parameter changes can be done using specialized functions or basic editing tools. Unifying feature of all the rendered constructions are quick changes. To draw vertical cuts and views, CADKON+ provides tools, which you use to create cuts and views effectively and take use of already existing information from floor plan drawings. Rendered construction elements can be itemized and you may generate a table with a piece list and view schemes. It takes only a few clicks to create a room legend or a floor structure legend depending on the rooms. Apart from creating new projects, CADKON+ allows you to take over and modify other projects created originally in other CAD environments. This is possible thanks to independence and openness of the whole system. Access to libraries of manufacturers and common elements contributes to a higher productivity and to a efficient drawing. The option to save created constructions to be used later and by other users is another advantage. CADKON+ offers a wide variety of useful functions that can be used to finish a construction drawing with ease. They include dimensioning, text labels and references, legends of materials and used lines for cables, pipes, borders etc., stake points, stamps, drawing frames and much more.

Is absent in the installer.

CADKON+ RC is CAD software fully compatible with DWG format. It offers to its users a simple, natural and cost-effective solution for frequent demands when creating and modifying drawings. With a modern and easy-to-use interface, CADKON+ RC creates all 2D and 3D elements, it contains functions to navigate in the drawing and visualise it and also works with terms such as "layers", "grip points", "windows" etc. The program includes a library of frequently used reinforcement shapes, including 3D shapes. Other shapes can be defined using a curve or by formwork. A variable length item is available for form-complex constructions, and you can use an item in linear meters to reinforce wreaths or like wall secondary reinforcement. Lists automatically contains inserted reinforcement with respect to user settings. You can choose whether to show items from the entire drawing, selected elements, or layers. Any change in reinforcement will immediately appear in the list so that these are always up to date. Tables are usually placed in the drawing, but they can also be exported to Excel. All inserted reinforcement also has its 3D model, which acts as a basis for its display and evaluation. This guarantees a clear evaluation of the amount of reinforcement used and also the display of reinforcement in 2D views. Changes made in one view are automatically taken into account in all other views. Each reinforcement bar can be displayed and described in each 2D-view in different way. The contents of annotations is filled and updated automatically according to the reinforcement. You can freely specify the shape of the annotations by assembling your own mask from different reinforcement parameters. Rebar meshes tools include a user-extensible meshes library, inserting single meshes, modifying and cutting them, pulling networks out of the floor plan with dimensioning, and a mesh schedule. There are a wide range of mesh presentation settings.
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Graitec Advance Design 2023.1.1 build 18205 Software
Graitec Advance Design 2023.1.1 build 18205

Graitec Advance Design 2023.1.1 build 18205

Graitec Advance - программный комплекс проектирования металлоконструкций.

Advance Design was specifically developed for industry professionals that require a superior solution for the structural analysis and design of Reinforced Concrete and Steel structures according to the latest versions of Eurocodes (EC0, EC1, EC2, EC3 and EC8). Advance Design features include easy modeling, a powerful FEM analysis engine, top-level design wizards, automated post-processing of results and automated reports. Achieve a new level of computer-assisted engineering with Advance Design.
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DotSoft ToolPac v22.0.0.1 Software
DotSoft ToolPac v22.0.0.1 build 17.11.2022

DotSoft ToolPac v22.0.0.1

In the never ending quest for faster AutoCAD/BricsCAD systems, users go the extra mile to purchase the fastest hardware.  Faster processors, graphics cards, etc., are implemented in an attempt to speed up the processing of drawings.  These improvements come at great expense and only provide a marginal gain in the amount of time it takes to actually complete a drawing.  This expensive hardware is often underutilized as the operator wastes time doing repetitive tasks in the struggle to finalize a drawing.

If you do only one upgrade to your system this year, it should be the implementation of productivity software. Our ToolPac product was designed to eliminate the numerous bottlenecks in AutoCAD and BricsCAD. It contains over 750 functions designed with one purpose in mind, to save you time.

ToolPac is in use today by thousands of architects, engineers, and designers! This comprehensive collection of productivity tools works with AutoCAD 2007 or higher (LT not supported) or BricsCAD v12 Pro or higher.  It works equally well in all environments, including Architectural, Engineering, Civil, Mechanical and Design.

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Graebert ARES Mechanical 2023.2 Software
Graebert ARES Mechanical 2023.2

Graebert ARES Mechanical 2023.2

ARES Mechanical is a Mechanical CAD software combining the DWG-editing features of ARES Commander with industry-specific features for 2D Mechanical Design. It is an intuitive, fully customizable and comprehensive CAD solution for Mechanical CAD designers and engineers.

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Graitec ArchiWIZARD 2023.1.1 Software
Graitec ArchiWIZARD 2023.1.1

Graitec ArchiWIZARD 2023.1.1

ArchiWIZARD is a real-time 3D analysis software based on BIM model directly connected to the architectural CAD solutions. ArchiWIZARD provides accurate thermal, light, solar gains and shadows analysis, renewable energy simulation (photovoltaic & thermal solar systems)

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Aquaveo GMS Premium v10.7.3 Software
Aquaveo Groundwater Modeling System Premium v10.7.3

Aquaveo GMS Premium v10.7.3

Aquaveo GMS - комплексная среда моделирования подземных вод с системой предварительной графический обработки информации. Aquaveo GMS легко взаимодействует с MODFLOW и рядом других моделей по моделированию подземных вод и предоставляет расширенные графические возможности для просмотра и калибровки результатов моделирования.

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Graebert ARES Map 2023.1 Software
Graebert ARES Map 2023.1

Graebert ARES Map 2023.1

ARES Map is a hybrid solution bringing together the intelligence of GIS contents and a full-featured dwg-based CAD system. Maps and floorplans created with ARES Map are saved natively in dwg but contain also smart GIS-enabled information associated to the entities.


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Graebert ARES Commander 2023.3 Software
Graebert ARES Commander 2023.3

Graebert ARES Commander 2023.3

ARES Commander is desktop CAD for Windows, MacOS and Linux just like the traditional CAD software you may already be familiar with.

Experience the agility of ARES Commander to create and modify DWG drawings in 2D and 3D on your computers. Leverage the drafting and design features that you've come to expect for your DWG files. ARES Commander brings your CAD efficiency to the next level with smarter productivity tools and a unique concept: The Trinity of CAD.

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Schrodinger PyMOL 2022 v2.5.4 Software
Schrodinger PyMOL 2022 v2.5.4

Schrodinger PyMOL 2022 v2.5.4

PyMOL is a comprehensive software package for rendering and animating 3D structures. PyMOL is a user-sponsored molecular visualization system on an open-source foundation, maintained and distributed by Schrцdinger.

This was the vision of the original PyMOL author Warren L. DeLano.
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CHC Geomatics Office 2 v2.2.2.11 Software
CHC Geomatics Office 2 v2.2.2.11

CHC Geomatics Office 2 v2.2.2.11

CHC Geomatics Office Software (CGO) 2.0 is a powerful office software, designed for engineers as an integrated platform to make a link between field and office workflow from multiple sensors and generating rich deliverables.

Вторая версия популярного программного продукта CGO порадует вас следующими нововведениями:
  • Обновлённый интерфейс для удобства работы
  • Модуль RTK для работы с данными ПО LandStar7
  • Поддержка Облако.PrinCe - обмен между офисом и полем без проводов
  • Публичная кадастровая карта Росреестра
  • Совместная и раздельная обработка данных ГЛОНАСС, NAVSTAR GPS, BeiDou, Galileo
  • Импорт форматов различных производителей спутникового оборудования, включая RINEX
  • Автоматический контроль качества для обеспечения надёжности и достоверности получаемого решения
  • Модуль БПЛА для обработки данных PPK с дронов DJI и не только
Новая версия программного обеспечения CGO сохранила простоту использования базовых функций предыдущей версии, но при этом обрела новые возможности, которые позволяют наилучшим образом использовать функции офисного и полевого ПО PinCe.

Программное обеспечение CGO позволяет выполнять обработку спутниковых данных всех существующих глобальных навигационных систем (ГЛОНАСС, NAVSTAR GPS, BeiDou и Galileo). Программа предназначена для постобработки статических измерений и измерений в режиме кинематики (PPK), а также работой с проектами RTK посредством синхронизации данных напрямую с контроллером или облачным сервисом.

Просмотр результатов с использованием сервисом онлайн карт, например, Google, OSM, Bing или публичной кадастровой карты Росреестра, обеспечивают удобство контроля выполненных измерений.

Помимо поддержки формата «сырых» измерений PrinCe, CGO поддерживает собственные форматы производителей спутникового геодезического оборудования, обеспечивая полную интеграцию с уже имеющимся у вас оборудованием.

Благодаря модульной структуре программы вы можете сконфигурировать ПО в соответствии с  решаемыми задачами.

Основные возможности программного обеспечения CGO:
  • Постобработка статических и кинематических наблюдений
  • Поддержка данных ГЛОНАСС, NAVSTAR GPS, BeiDou и Galileo
  • Наличие множества форматов импорта сырых исходных данных: RINEX v2.x, v 3.x, PrinCe HCN, HRC, Novatel NOV, Trimble OEM BD9, uBlox
  • Импорт бортовых и высокоточных эфемерид из интернета
  • Импорт проектов LandStar 7 из контроллера
  • Импорт данных с FTP
  • Контроль исходной информации во время импорта сырых данных ГНСС
  • Различные виды отчётов в формате HTML: Обработка базовых линий, Уравнивание сети, Замыкание полигонов
  • Индивидуальные настройки отчёта для получения всей необходимой информации
  • Уравнивание обработанных векторов в геоцентрической прямоугольной системе координат с возможностью задания исходных пунктов в плане и по высоте.
  • Поддержка по умолчанию параметров основных российских систем координат по ГОСТ (СК42, СК95, МСК-XX)
  • Создание пользовательских систем координат с возможностью применения моделей геоида
  • Определение параметров связи неизвестной системы и WGS84 по данным спутниковых геодезических измерений на пунктах ГГС с известными координатами (калибровка)
  • Загрузка онлайн карт в качестве подложки (Google, Bing, OSM, Росреестр)
  • Решение задач координатной геометрии с использованием точек на карте
  • Возможность обрабатывать автономные статические измерения методом PPP (Precise point positioning)
  • Экспорт в различные форматы, в т.ч. пользовательские: txt, csv, dxf, shp, kml
  • Синхронизация данных с контроллером и облачным сервисом
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