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Transportation Impact Analyses for Site Development Bookware
Institute of Transportation Engineers - Transportation Impact Analyses for Site Development

Transportation Impact Analyses for Site Development

Transportation Impact Analyses for Site Development: An ITE Recommended Practice, RP-020D was approved in 2010 as a recommended practice of ITE. It supersedes the proposed recommended practice, Transportation Impact Analyses for Site Development: An ITE Proposed Recommended Practice, RP-020C, dated December 2005. The comment period on the proposed recommended practice closed on April 30, 2006. Comments on the proposed recommended practice have been incorporated into this document.

This report also replaces the recommended practice adopted by the Institute of Transportation Engineers (ITE) in 1991 (Traffic Access and Impact Studies for Site Development: A Recommended Practice). It was developed in accordance with formally adopted ITE procedures that are designed to help ensure that a representative cross-section of parties is given an opportunity to provide input.

It should be noted that this report provides guidelines, not an exclusive set of acceptable procedures. It is not expected that all items or issues contained in this recommended practice will be required in every study. Items to include will vary by conditions, local requirements, the size and complexity of development and other factors. It is considered important that there be latitude for addressing unique situations on a case-by-case basis. New procedures for predicting transportation needs and impacts should also be considered as they are developed and validated.

This report describes the key elements required for preparing and reviewing transportation impact studies for new and expanding land developments. It has been prepared for use by practicing traffic/transportation engineers and planners, including public agency reviewers involved in the development approval process.

It is intended that the material in this report be used as guidelines for conducting transportation impact studies and that local policies and priorities also be considered. It is not intended that this report be formally adopted as a whole or otherwise be used as an exclusive set of acceptable procedures.

Furthermore, not all analyses described in this report will be required for each study. Applicable analyses should be determined in an initial meeting or discussion between the study preparer and the agency reviewer. Only those analyses needed to address issues relevant to the proposed development, its site and vicinity and current and anticipated traffic conditions should be required.

It is also considered important that there be latitude for addressing unique situations on a case-by-case basis. New procedures for predicting transportation needs and impacts should also be considered as they are developed and validated.
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Flite Software Piping Systems Fluid Flow v3.51 Software
Flite Software Piping Systems Fluid Flow v3.51

Flite Software Piping Systems Fluid Flow v3.51

FluidFlow - ПО для полноценного проектирования гидравлических систем. Размерность решаемых в FluidFlow задач варьируется от одной трубы до большой комплексной системы трубопроводов как с разветвленными, так и с замкнутыми участками, включающими насосное, емкостное и прочее гидравлическое оборудование. FluidFlow работает и с жидкими, и с газовыми средами. FluidFlow является интерактивной системой - используемые алгоритмы способны динамически (в реальном времени) осуществлять расчеты и отображать результаты по мере ввода исходных данных. Интерактивность позволяет применять FluidFlow для симуляции (моделирования) работы действующей или реконструируемой гидравлической системы - возможные проблемы выявляются в реальном времени и могут быть легко устранены. Система снабжена дружественным интерфейсом ввода и представления данных: в распоряжении пользователя - и возможности одновременного просмотра данных и схемы, и интерактивные функции редактирования (перетаскивание, пролистывание, зумирование, отмена операции), и инструменты копирования через буфер, а также другие функции Windows-интерфейса, которые позволяют задать расчетную схему с минимальными затратами времени и максимальной гибкостью. Взаимное соответствие и целостность данных проверяются в непрерывном режиме - таким образом, проверка осуществляется при вводе исходных данных, а результаты и оповещение об ошибках вы получаете немедленно. Единое хранение расчетной и визуальной моделей делает возможным анализ системы в целом, без ее разбивки на фрагменты.

FluidFlow is model, design or analyse any liquid, gas, two-phase, slurry or non-newtonian pipe flow system from a single software solution.

  • Intuitive User Interface, short learning curve & rapid model construction helps save up to 80% time versus spreadsheets.
  • Comprehensive databases of fluids, pipes and fittings included as standard. Quickly & easily add your own fluids and components to master databases.
  • Modular environment allows users to simulate liquid, gas, slurry or two-phase flow.
  • Proven calculation reliability helps engineers create accurate designs and avoid costly errors.
  • Designed and quality assured to enable users to produce economic and technically sound models, in the shortest possible time.
  • FluidFlow is rigorously tested and verified against published data and real-world operating systems on a continuous basis.
  • FluidFlow offers a fast and effective approach to automatically sizing piping and associated equipment.
  • Accelerate the design process and avoid unnecessary over-sizing of piping and equipment, saving both design time and capital cost.
  • FluidFlow will propose the most economical pipe size based on physical property data, capital equipment cost and energy costs.
  • Heat transfer functionality and database of insulation materials included on all FluidFlow modules, as standard.
  • Consider conduction, radiation, and convection losses and optimize energy usage.
  • Model shell and tube exchangers, plate exchangers, coils and autoclaves.
  • Communicate your designs quickly and effectively with fully customisable reports.
  • Personalise reports with company logos and standard report format.
  • Export complete flowsheet, bill of materials and generate reports in PDF, Word & Excel.
  • Piping Component Files (.pcf’s) are file formats generated by various CAD tools such as SmartPlant 3D, CADWorx, Solidworks, Autodesk Inventor, Plant4D, Autoplant, Smart 3D and more.
  • Put these files to even further use by importing PCF Files to FluidFlow.
  • Streamline design process and significantly reducing time required to solve and build piping systems.
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