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midas Civil 2022 v1.2 Software
midas Civil 2022 v1.2 x64

midas Civil 2022 v1.2

midas Civil is a Finite Element Analysis software developed by Midas IT, used for bridge analysis and design. midas Civil combines the powerful pre-and post-processing features with an extremely fast solver, which makes bridge modeling and analysis simple, quick, and effective. Also, there are several easy parameter modification tools available that can be used for parametric analysis leading to optimized and economical design.

midas Civil enables us to readily create nodes and elements as if we were drawing drawings using the major functions of CAD programs. Powerful automatic modeling functions such as Auto Mesh Generation and various Bridge Wizards are introduced. The Bridge Wizards can create a complete bridge model for you in a blink of an eye and you are able to make any modification to the model to match with the real structure as much as possible. Other modeling approaches such as CAD import, table format modeling, and code format modeling are also available.

midas Civil provides linear and nonlinear structural analysis capabilities and is capable of handling different types of analysis. The program’s efficient analysis algorithms yield exceptional versatility and accurate results appropriate for practical design applications.

The post-processor can automatically create load combinations in accordance with specified design standards. Changing the type of display can produce various forms of graphic output. Practically all the results can be animated, namely, mode shapes, time history results of displacements and member forces, dynamic analysis results, and static analysis results. midas Civil also provides results that are compatible with MS Excel, which enables the user to review all analysis and design results systematically.

midas Civil has powerful design code checking and load rating features. AASHTO LRFD & LRFR, CHBDC CSA, EUROCODE, and other codes are available. The codes are constantly updated to make sure the users can best take advantage of the code checking and rating features in the program. The automatic report generation features give the users an organized and detailed report that includes formulas and code references and it gives the users the confidence in their result.

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