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Carlson HydroCAD Standard v10.00-25 Software
Carlson HydroCAD Standard v10.00-25

Carlson HydroCAD Standard v10.00-25

HydroCAD is a Computer Aided Design tool used by Civil Engineers for modeling stormwater runoff. HydroCAD provides a wide range of commonly used hydrology and hydraulics capabilities including:

  • SCS, NRCS, and SBUH runoff hydrology
  • Rational Method with automatic IDF curves
  • Use local rainfall data or the built-in rainfall library
  • Easy management and reporting of multiple rainfall events
  • Unlimited hydrograph points
  • Hydrograph routing through ponds & reaches
  • Coupled ponds with automatic tailwater
  • Automatic hydraulics and culvert calculations
  • Advanced flow simulations including pumps and float valves
  • Progressive dam breach simulations
  • Automatic pond storage calculations, including embedded storage chambers
  • Automatic layout and modeling of underground storage systems
  • Land-use analysis and pollutant loading calculations
  • Built-in CAD watershed import
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SeismoSoft SeismoBuild 2018.3.1 Software
SeismoSoft SeismoBuild 2018.3.1

SeismoSoft SeismoBuild 2018.3.1

SeismoBuild is an innovative Finite Element package wholly and exclusively dedicated to seismic assessment and strengthening of reinforced concrete structures that is targeted to the design office. The program is capable of fully carrying out the Code defined assessment methodologies from the structural modelling through to the required analyses and the corresponding member checks. Currently six Codes are supported (Eurocodes, American Code for Seismic Evaluation and Retrofit of Existing Buildings ASCE, Italian National Seismic Codes NTC-18 & NTC-08, Greek Seismic Interventions Code KANEPE and Turkish Seismic Evaluation Building Code TBDY). Both metric and imperial units, as well as European and US reinforcing bars types are supported. Some of the more important features of SeismoBuild are summarised in what follows:

  • Completely visual interface. No input or configuration files, programming scripts or any other time-consuming and complex text editing requirements.
  • With the Building Modeller the user can create real regular or irregular 3D reinforced concrete models within minutes.
  • Easy CAD-based input; the floor’s plan view can be used as background.
  • Predefined built-in cross-sections for both existing and strengthened (jacketed) members (rectangular, L-shaped, T-shaped, circular, shear walls, normal or inverted T-beams).
  • Easy modelling of strengthening with Fibre-Reinforced Polymers (FRP) wraps; a large library of existing FRP materials is available.
  • Easy modelling of inclined beams and slabs.
  • Automatic column subdivision to model short columns.
  • Ability to print tables with all the model members and their properties.
  • Straightforward definition of code-based parameters.
  • Simple input of limit states, building performance levels, earthquake hazard levels and knowledge levels.
  • Easy definition of the parameters needed for the nonlinear analysis, with a range of predefined settings schemes and detailed guidelines with suggestions by the program.
  • Large library of nonlinear models for concrete and steel materials.
  • Fibre-based inelastic and elastic frame elements.
  • Distributed plasticity models to accurately model the distribution of inelasticity along the entire height of large walls.
  • Eigenvalue and pushover analyses supported.
  • AVI movie files can be created to better illustrate the sequence of structural deformation.
  • Automatic calculation of the target displacement.
  • Detailed and intuitive presentation of the analytical results; tables, charts and 3D plots featuring areas of plastic hinges and elements with damage are available.
  • All the code-defined capacity checks are supported (shear capacity, chord rotation capacity, inter-storey drift level, beam-column joints checks).
  • Checks presented on a table and on the 3D plot; the members where the capacity is exceeded are highlighted with red.
  • Detailed technical report in PDF, RTF or HTML format; the content (text, plots and tables) and the size of the report are determined by the users.
  • CAD drawings with plan views, members’ cross sections and reinforcement tables; specially created *.ctb files are included.
  • Easy copying of all the data, tables and plots to any other Windows application.
  • Possiblity to easily send a model to Seismosoft, in the case of modeling or convergence problems, and get assistance by our team of specialists in nonlinear analysis.
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ZEDOnet PrintFab Pro XL v1.10 Software
ZEDOnet PrintFab Pro XL v1.10

ZEDOnet PrintFab Pro XL v1.10

PrintFab - это новый набор драйверов для принтера с динамическими цветовыми профилями и функциями RIP. Он предназначен для ограничения пределов стандартных драйверов принтера - особенно для печати цифровых фотографий и DTP. Инновационные динамические цветовые профили PrintFab обеспечивают полный контроль над цветовой смесью и потреблением чернил в сочетании с отличным качеством печати на любых бумагах. PrintFab также поддерживает фотобумагу от других производителей, например. Кодак и Илфорд. Цифровые фотографии могут быть напечатаны реалистичными, более красочными и блестящими или в экономичном режиме. PrintFab Pro предлагает даже режим доказательства CMYK для допечатной подготовки. Интеллектуальная система экономии чернил снижает расход чернил на 25-50% без заметной потери качества печати. PrintFab учитывает каждую каплю чернил и контролирует потребление чернил пользователем - использование чернил может быть сбалансировано по сравнению с качеством печати. Чтобы получить максимальную отдачу от любого принтера, ZEDOnet дополнительно предлагает экономичную услугу цветового профилирования, которая создает цветовые профили специально для вашего принтера, бумаги и чернил.

PrintFab is our printer driver suite with RIP functionality. PrintFab's innovative "dynamic” color profiles ensure full control over color mixture and ink consumption combined with perfect print quality. PrintFab addresses advanced users and is designed to produce well-balanced printouts with natural colors. Of course you can still individually adjust brightness, contrast, luminosity of colors etc. Beyond the limits of an ordinary printer driver, PrintFab can print on any paper or printable medium with highest color accuracy – and also makes it possible to use special inks from third-party manufacturers. Unlike the manufacturer-supplied drivers, PrintFab is designed for advanced users, professional and amateur photographers, fine art printers and pre-press. PrintFab's  intelligent ink saving functions also offer advantages for home use and production printing.

More info
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Ce.A.S. s.r.l. ParatiePlus v20.0.0 Software
Ce.A.S. s.r.l. ParatiePlus v20.0.0

Ce.A.S. s.r.l. ParatiePlus v20.0.0

In Italy as well as in many Countries worldwide, several designers rely on Paratie Plus in their retaining wall projects. For example, in the construction of the High Speed Trains guyed bridge over Po River near Piacenza, several cofferdams and other waterfront structures had been designed by our engineers using past versions of Paratie Plus. More recently, thank to the same design tool, other Italian engineering firms, have designed the temporary cofferdams for all river crossings along the new high speed train line linking Milano to Brescia. Stemming from a cooperation, since 1985, with professor Roberto Nova from Politecnico di Milano, Paratie Plus is a non linear analysis program conceived to model the soil-structure interaction of a flexible retaining wall, by means of the popular subgrade reaction method, a simple yet widely accepted approach in current design practice as well as by most of design standard worldwide, including Eurocodes.

Thanks to its effectiveness, Paratie Plus is a simple yet accurate retaining wall design tool. In most cases, a Paratie Plus analysis can be sufficient to completely define a wall design. However, even in very complex situations, Paratie Plus may provide valuable design information, at least in the preliminary design stages: if required, selected final layout will be more thoroughly analyzed, with more advance but complex programs such as FLAC.

Since 2009, Paratie Plus evolved towards an integrated design environment, which offers several additional analysis options, including slope stability analysis and 2D seepage analysis. Some of the most relevant Paratie Plus features, which are hardly found in competitor tools on the market, are listed here:
  • a rigorous soil model formulation within modern Soil Mechanics framework;
  • a special constitutive model for clays in both drained and undrained conditions, based on critical state concepts;
  • a realistic construction stage modelling, even for quite complex sequences;
  • a general seepage scheme for layered soils;
  • external loadings and interaction with nearby foundations modelling;
  • in any construction stage, support and loading layout can be modified arbitrarily ( special non linear supports, prestressed ground anchors, struts, slabs and other features are allowed);
  • two facing walls can be modelled thus allowing a coupled analysis of a sheetpile and its anchoring wall;
  • a pseudo-static seismic procedure is included, based on a well documented proprietary algorithm;
  • a GUI interface including, among many other features, a complete set of online correlations to assist the Users in selecting appropriate soil parameters based on most common in situ or lab tests;
  • a linkage with the modern Limit Stated design methods, according to Eurocodes 7 and 8 as well as to NTC, EC2 , EC3 , AISC and ACI, for structural checks.
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rapidlasso LAStools Suite 2019 Software
rapidlasso LAStools Suite 2019

rapidlasso LAStools Suite 2019

Our LiDAR processing tools are widely known for their blazing speeds and high productivity. Our software combines robust algorithms with efficient I/O and clever memory management to achieve high throughput for data sets containing billions of points.

Our popular LAStools software suite has deep market penetration and is heavily used in the commercial sector, government agencies, research labs, and educational institutions alike — filtering, tiling, rasterizing, triangulating, converting, clipping, quality-checking, etc. TeraBytes of LiDAR every day.

Our open-source LiDAR compressor LASzip has become the de facto industry standard for compressed LiDAR. It has won the 2012 Geospatial World Forum Technology Innovation Award and was voted 2nd place for "most innovative product” at INTERGEO 2012.
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Deep Excavation SnailPlus 2012 v3.1.5.5 Software
Deep Excavation SnailPlus 2012 v3.1.5.5

Deep Excavation SnailPlus 2012 v3.1.5.5

Snail Plus is soil nail analysis software. While soil nailing is also available in our DeepXcav software program, SnailPlus was created to bring all the necessary capabilities into one package. The software follows the FHWA methodology for the design of soil nail walls, in an interactive environment built on the DeepEX basic layout. This means that you can include all intermediate construction stages for your soil nail wall, include 3D loads, all in an interactive environment. Last, SnailPlus is the only software that produces a full printable report of all design calculations.

Who uses Snail-Plus? Many companies including deparment of transportation such as Texas DOT, WASH-DOT, GZA, Hayward Baker, ESC Limited, D'Appolonia, Berkel Construction, and more!
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Rocscience Dips v7.016 Software
Rocscience Dips v7.016

Rocscience Dips v7.016

Dips is a program designed for the interactive analysis of orientation based geological data. The program is a tool kit capable of many different applications and is designed both for the novice or occasional user, and for the accomplished user of stereographic projection who wishes to utilize more advanced tools in the analysis of geological data. Dips allows the user to analyse and visualise structural data following the same techniques used in manual stereonets. In addition, many computational features are available, such as statistical contouring of orientation clustering, mean orientation calculation and qualitative and quantitative feature attribute analysis. Dips has been designed for the analysis of features related to the engineering analysis of rock structures, however, the free format of the DIPS data file permits the analysis of any orientation based data.

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Agisoft Metashape Pro v1.6.0 build 9217 Software
Agisoft Metashape Pro v1.6.0 build 9217 x64

Agisoft Metashape Pro v1.6.0 build 9217

Agisoft Metashape Professional - это передовое программное обеспечение, максимально раскрывающее возможности фотограмметрии, а также включающее в себя технологии машинного обучения для анализа и пост-обработки, что позволяет получать максимально точные результаты.

Metashape позволяет обрабатывать изображения, получаемые с помощью RGB- или мультиспектральных камер, включая мультикамерные системы, преобразовывать снимки в плотные облака точек, текстурированные полигональные модели, геопривязанные ортофотопланы и цифровые модели рельефа/местности (ЦМР/ЦММ).

Дальнейшая постобработка позволяет удалять тени и искажения текстур с поверхности моделей, рассчитывать вегетационные индексы и составлять файлы предписаний для агротехнических мероприятий, автоматически классифицировать плотные облака точек и т.д.

Возможность экспорта во все внешние пакеты для постобработки делает Agisoft Metashape Professional универсальным фотограмметрическим инструментом.

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Deep Excavation DeepFND 2017 v6.0 Software
Deep Excavation DeepFND Premium 2017 v6.0

Deep Excavation DeepFND 2017 v6.0

DeepFND is a powerful interactive software for deep foundation and pile design. Axial, lateral, settlement, structural and geotechnical analysis options. Incorporates AASHTO, FHWA, IBC, and Eurocode 7 standards.

Pile types: drilled piles, driven concrete, driven steel, driven timbe piles, monotube, CFA piles, drilled-in-displacement piles, micropiles, caissons, helical piles (Premium version)

  • Settlement analysis, with linear, exponential, and other models
  • Lateral pile analysis
  • FHWA GEC10
  • AASHTO Norlund
  • Eurocode 7
  • IBC 2015 standards
  • NYC Building Code
  • Automatic pile length optimization based on geotechnical capacity
  • Automatic pile length optimization based on settlement response
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DotSoft MapWorks v8.0.6.5 Software
DotSoft MapWorks v8.0.6.5

DotSoft MapWorks v8.0.6.5

MapWorks is Civil/Survey Mapping & GIS software for AutoCAD and BricsCAD.  It is a modular system covering the major areas of alignments, design, geotech, parcels, points, sections, surfaces, and more.

More info
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