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Akcelik SIDRA Intersection 2022 v9.1.1.200 Software
Akcelik SIDRA Intersection 2022 v9.1.1.200

Akcelik SIDRA Intersection 2022 v9.1.1.200

Akcelik SIDRA Intersection is powerful traffic engineering software used by transport professionals in 90+ countries across the globe. These tools have been created to help achieve better solutions to challenges in the areas of road traffic operations, traffic engineering, management and control.

This is a major new version including the following new features:
  • Network signal timing calculations (Cycle Time, Phase Times, Signal Offsets).
  • Common Control Groups for multiple intersections under one signal controller.
  • Routes for performance reports and displays, and for signal Offset calculations.
  • Network output by Routes.
  • Route Output Comparison and Network Output Comparison by Routes.
  • Larger number of User Movement Classes.
  • New option for "HCM Edition 6" roundabout capacity model.
  • Various model improvements.
  • "Convert (Batch)" function to convert old version Project files.
  • "View Layout" function with lane highlighting in Lane Geometry, Lane Movements and Roundabouts input dialogs.
  • A large number of user interface improvements including new output reports and displays.
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Flownex SE 2022 Update 1 v8.14.1.4845 Software
Flownex Simulation Environment 2022 Update 1 v8.14.1.4845

Flownex SE 2022 Update 1 v8.14.1.4845

Flownex Simulation Environment delivers technology that enables you to study how systems will behave in the real world, where fluid is the driving factor. Flownex system simulation relays the overall effect of changing specific properties on components, allowing clients to examine extensively all possible variations of a system in the design and optimization of systems.

Flownex Simulation Environment provides turbomachinery engineers with an easy to use, off-the-shelf tool for modelling combustion chambers, secondary air systems, blade cooling flows, lubrication systems with oil-air mixtures, as well as overall cycle integration and operation.

Blade Cooling
By coupling 1D flow Flownex models with 3D heat transfer models in ANSYS Mechanical or CFX, a detailed turbine blade cooling simulation can be conducted. Flownex contains industry-standard pressure drop and heat transfer correlations for typical turbine blade features such as turbulator strips and pedestals. This allows designers to rapidly see the effects of their design changes on the maximum blade temperatures and cooling airflow rate.

Preliminary combustor design requires that an extensive number of geometrical and operational conditions be evaluated and compared. Especially during this phase, Flownex is an essential tool for combustor design engineers as it accurately captures important parameters such as the mass flow rate distribution through air admission holes, associated pressure losses as well as liner wall temperatures. Networks can be easily configured and solved within a few seconds. This result in substantial development cost savings because of the reduction in the number of detailed 3D simulations and rig tests required. A further advantage is the ability to use the Flownex results as boundary conditions for subsequent localized 3D models.

The primary use of Flownex in lubrication systems is used to determine optimum drain line sizes given the limited space inside the engine. This requires two-phase pressure drop calculations in lines with oil-air mixtures. In parallel with this engineers can determine whether or not scavenge pumps are required for fluid transportation in the drain lines and, if so, what the pumping requirement will be.

Flownex includes a comprehensive rotating component library for analysing the secondary air system of a gas turbine engine. This enables engineers to quantify the bleed air consumption and flow distribution through the entire system. Furthermore, coupling Flownex with Ansys Mechanical enables engineers to perform detailed thermal studies of critical rotating components. Flownex includes:
  • Real gas models.
  • Windage power calculation.
  • Choking calculations.
  • User-defined HTCs.
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Lixoft monolix Suite 2021 R2 Software
Lixoft monolix Suite 2021 R2

Lixoft monolix Suite 2021 R2

Lixoft develops modeling and simulation software for advanced model-based drug development. Its products offer powerful and easy solutions for population analysis in pre-clinical, clinical trials and in treatment individualization.

The Monolix Suite comprises three main applications.
  • PKanalix - Graphical and interactive software for non-compartmental and compartmental analysis.
  • Monolix - Easy, fast and powerful tool for parameter estimation in non-linear mixed effect models, model diagnosis and assessment, and advanced graphical representation.
  • Simulx - A powerful and flexible simulator for clinical trial pharmacometrics.
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AFT Impulse v9.0.1108 build 2022.11.11 Software
Applied Flow Technology Impulse v9.0.1108 build 2022.11.11

AFT Impulse v9.0.1108 build 2022.11.11

Applied Flow Technology Impulse - набор инструментальных средств предоставляющих возможность работы с моделью в интерактивном режиме через графический интерфейс, инструментарий включает встроенную библиотеку экспертных знаний по проблеме гидроудара. Applied Flow Technology Impulse позволяет создавать проект-дизайн системы трубопровода с большей степенью защищенности, надежности и безопасности исключая потенциально опасные эффекты гидроудара и других нежелательных неустановившихся режимов.

Primary Features of AFT Impulse:
  • Advanced transient solver based on Method of Characteristics.
  • Built-in steady-state solver to automatically initialize waterhammer transient.
  • Detailed pump inertial modelling for trips and start-ups including state-of-the-art, four quadrant methods.
  • Built-in library of fluids and fittings.
  • Models liquid column separation caused by transient cavitation.
  • Extensive cavitation modelling.
  • Scenario Manager to track all design variants and operational possibilities in a single model file with data linkage.
  • Comprehensive relief valve modelling.
  • Integrated graphing and reporting.
  • Animation features to dynamically graph transients.
  • Create video files from animations to share your results.
  • Generates force imbalance files that can be automatically read into CAESAR II and TRIFLEX pipe stress dynamic models.
  • Built-in intelligence to guide you in building better models.

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Precisely (ex. Pitney Bowes) MapInfo Pro 2021.1.25 Software
Precisely (ex. Pitney Bowes) MapInfo Pro 2021.1.25

Precisely (ex. Pitney Bowes) MapInfo Pro 2021.1.25

MapInfo Professional - географическая информационная система, предназначенная для сбора, хранения, отображения, редактирования и анализа пространственных данных. Приложение предназначено для картографии и географического анализа. Визуализация связей между данными и географией открывет совершенно новые возможности, превращая данные в ценную информацию. Инструментарий MapInfo Professional для создания и редактирования графических и табличных данных позволяет быстро и удобно вносить изменения как на картах, так и в семантические данные. MapInfo Professional легко интегрируется в любую информационную систему, удобный интерфейс позволит быстро адаптироваться и начать полноценно использовать функционал даже новому пользователю.
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StruSoft FEM-Design Suite v21.00.005 Software
StruSoft FEM-Design Suite v21.00.005

StruSoft FEM-Design Suite v21.00.005

FEM-Design is an advanced modeling software for finite element analysis and design of load-bearing concrete, steel and timber structures according to Eurocode. The unique user-friendly working environment is based on the familiar CAD tools what makes the model creation and structure editing simple and intuitive. The quick and easy nature of FEM-Design makes it ideal for all types of construction tasks from single element design to global stability analysis of large structures and makes it the best practical tool for structural engineers.

  • The structural model is created easily in 3D with intuitive CAD-tools or imported from BIM-software.​
  • The finite element mesh is generated and optimized automatically.
  • The Auto Design feature helps to choose the most efficient cross-section or reinforcement arrangement.
  • Resultant and connection forces in shell elements can be easily assessed.
  • Results are shown in a variety of 3D-graphs, contour lines, color palettes or sections.
  • Auto-updated project reports can be created from within the built-in FEM-Design documentation editor.

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Leica Hexagon MinePlan 2022 Release 4 Software
Leica Hexagon MinePlan (ex. MineSight) 2022 Release 4

Leica Hexagon MinePlan 2022 Release 4

HxGN MinePlan provides geologists and engineers with powerful 3D modeling and data visualization. It supports seamless workflows, from exploration to production and it's backed by more than 50 years of innovation in partnership with thousands of global users.

Productive mines depend on being able to build detailed geological surfaces and solids. Statistical and geo-statistical analysis of project data is essential to producing an accurate block model with confidence.

Click here to interactively explore your own life-of-mine journey.

The Geosciences suite empowers resource geologists to store, manage and analyse drillhole data.

Open pit engineering
MinePlan open pit engineering suite offers software packages that help you improve efficiency and make informed decisions.

Underground engineering
CAD offers solutions for underground design challenges, including 3D visualisation and tools for pillar design, plus more.

HxGN MinePlan Survey
MinePlan Survey allows for management of survey data throughout the mining lifecycle using a comprehensive software solution.
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Deswik Suite 2022.1.1011 Software
Deswik Suite 2022.1.1011

Deswik Suite 2022.1.1011

Deswik Mining Consultants is an international company offering innovative mining engineering and geology services. We also produce cutting edge mine planning software by merging technical mining domain skills from each sector, with specialist programming expertise and the latest software development technologies. Our consulting acts as R&D for our software, and our software gives our consultants and clients a competitive edge. The company was formed in 2008, by the founders of African Computer Mining Services Pty Ltd (ACMS) who originally developed the popular Mine2-4D mine planning software. Deswik was also involved in minerals processing, however this part of the business has since been sold. Though Deswik is a relatively young company, our heritage of almost 20 years of delivering mine planning software solutions means that we have come a long way in a short period of time ... and we've only just begun. Our culture of high performance and innovation will ensure we remain a formidable force in the industry for a long time to come.

Deswik.CAD has been designed by mining engineers with decades of professional software development experience and a proven history of building technical mining applications. Programmed in the latest technologies to take advantage of high performance and cutting-edge computing developments, Deswik.CAD provides the user with a simple, modern and intuitive CAD-style interface. Deswik.CAD is effectively a spatial database combining the power of CAD with the ability to attribute, filter and report data visually and in tabular format. The file format is XML, so all data is open and transferable to other systems. Deswik.CAD is used across all mining sectors and is used in underground and open pit mines, both coal and metal, throughout the world. A list of all available modules and their functionality is outlined below.

Deswik.Scheduler. From interactive Gantt charts to PERT network diagrams, Deswik Scheduler is tailored for the needs of open pit or underground mine planners and can handle massive data sets while remaining responsive. For project managers, Deswik Scheduler provides Work Breakdown Structures and detailed Critical and Point to Point path analysis. Create detailed shift calendars for long term down to shift by shift scheduling or import your time usage model. Deswik Scheduler directly integrates with Deswik.CAD and the Deswik Interactive Scheduler to allow simple updating of mining task information from the graphics. Deswik Scheduler can import and import schedules from most of the popular scheduling packages including Microsoft Project, Primavera, and EPS.

The Deswik Landform and Haulage solution has the power, flexibility and ease of use to enable all engineers to answer questions which have hitherto been very difficult to answer. How many trucks do I require? What is the best truck to apply to my mining geometry? Is in-pit crushing and conveying more economical than a traditional truck haul? How does my fixed fleet affect my mining schedule and shovel productivities? What is the incremental value of adding a truck to my current fleet? Traditionally haulage has been performed by taking centroids from mining and dumping locations and manually calculating cycle times. Due to the manual nature of the process, only a handful cycletimes are practically possible and larger data sets are consequently used. Deswik has found that this can result in up to a 20% margin of error and, in addition, few options can be explored which leads to sub-optimal planning outcomes. The Deswik Landform and Haulage solution has the power, flexibility and ease of use to enable all engineers to answer questions which have hitherto been very difficult to answer. How many trucks do I require?
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Coreform Cubit 2022.4.0 Software
Coreform Cubit (ex. csimsoft Trelis) 2022.4.0

Coreform Cubit 2022.4.0

Coreform Cubit’s pre-processing capabilities and Flex IGA modeling with advanced hex meshing and hex dominant meshing minimize the time spent on model preparation for FEA and CFD while maximizing control over mesh quality to get the right mesh for quality solutions allowing you to maximize your investment in simulation technoloogy. Coreform Cubit helps you maximize the benefit of your investment in simulation technology.

Key Features & Capabilities:
  • Comprehensive toolset. Everything you need for CAD Import, preprocessing, hex meshing, hex dominant meshing, and export.
  • Semi-automated hex meshing. Rich set of hex meshing and hex dominant meshing tools for streamlining the creation of analysis-ready models for challenging simulations.
  • Expert-level mesh control. Industry-leading mesh analysis and improvement tools for complete control from Jacobians to vertices.
  • Scripting & automation. Python integration and scripting tools support automation to increase model generation throughput.
Coreform Cubit includes everything needed for streamlined progress from CAD to analysis, with full-featured capabilities for geometry preparation and mesh generation, analysis, and fine-tuning. Preparing CAD geometry for meshing consumes more time and resources than any other stage of the CAE process. Coreform Cubit provides powerful, user-guided automated tools to make geometry cleanup and simplification fast and satisfying.

Coreform Cubit supplies a comprehensive meshing feature-set for surface and solid meshing with a wide variety of element types and methods for automating and streamlining mesh creation.

Create faster high-quality hex meshes by deploying Coreform Cubit’s interactive automation capabilities, on demand and to your precise specifications.
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Avenza MAPublisher v11.1 Software
Avenza MAPublisher v11.1

Avenza MAPublisher v11.1

MAPublisher - плагин для Adobe Illustrator, который является мощным средством создания карт высокого качества по ГИС-данным. Новая версия предоставляет пользователям расширенные возможности для создания карт высококачественного дизайна на основе GIS данных для их распространения в печатном или цифровом виде. В новой версии обеспечена поддержка Adobe Illustrator CC, новой палитры MAP Views, системы символов и стилей Adobe Illustrator, а также операций импорта/экспорта новых форматов картографических данных. Плагин MAPublisher включает всю функциональность предыдущих выпусков: новые механизмы маркировки, новую сетку, генератор координат и ползунок масштабирования, расширенные фильтры для выбора.
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