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BioSolvetIT SeeSAR v13.0.0 Software
BioSolvetIT SeeSAR v13.0.0 Windows64 + Linux64

BioSolvetIT SeeSAR v13.0.0

SeeSAR fosters innovation during every step of your drug design process. The app includes all tools vital for handling your compounds and target structures which have been fine-tuned to the needs of any chemist. Helpful features such as ADME properties assessment, comprehensive color coding, unoccupied binding pocket visualization, and many others, support you in making sound and interactive decisions. All our tools are based on solid and transparent science cited in over a thousand publications. Follow the button if you want to learn more about the science behind SeeSAR.

Drag and drop your protein, or search comfortably in an online database. Within seconds, your target is prepared and you can get started.

Modify your protein according to your needs. Explore rotamers, introduce mutations, and customize side chains.

SeeSAR automatically detects the binding site of a ligand for you. In addition, you can precisely expand it by adding individual residues — or with a single click to find empty pockets in your protein.

Modify molecules to your taste in 2D or 3D on-the-fly. Once you are done, the molecules are directly prepared for your tasks.

Estimate affinities and interpret the results using the visualized HYDE score. Filter your compounds for relevant parameters, calculate ADME properties, and gain full control over ligand-target interactions.

Ideate without limits! Discover new scaffolds, explore, and grow into free cavities, or link molecules using fragment libraries for elegant solutions.

Dock your compounds with one single click! Screen libraries for actives, and instinctively evaluate your results.

Align your compounds without the need of a target structure based on their molecular similarity.

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Cadence Midas Safety Platform v23.03.001 Software
Cadence Midas Safety Platform v23.03.001

Cadence Midas Safety Platform v23.03.001

Midas Safety Platform Drives analog and digital full flows for FMEDA-based functional safety design and verification Read about FMEDA-driven SoC design overview Early Phase Exploration and Accurate Safety Analysis.

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Aspen Technology Subsurface Science & Engineering Suite 2023 V14.1 Software
Aspen Technology Subsurface Science & Engineering Suite 2023 V14.1 build 26.05.2023

Aspen Technology Subsurface Science & Engineering Suite 2023 V14.1

Emerson PARADIGM is now Aspen Technology Subsurface Science & Engineering Suite.

Subsurface Science & Engineering is end-to-end geoscience and modeling solutions for optimization across subsurface engineering and operations. Empower decision makers to reduce uncertainty, improve confidence, minimize risk and support responsible asset management.

We are pleased to announce the availability of the aspenONE Subsurface Science and Engineering (SSE) Suite V14.1 release. This release is an update of the AspenTech SSE product suite (previously Emerson E&P Software), and integrates all AspenTech SSE products into a single offering.

The following products are included in this release: Aspen Epos, Aspen Echos, Aspen GeoDepth, Aspen EarthStudy 360, Aspen SeisEarth (includes QSI and Explorer), Aspen Geolog, Aspen METTE, Aspen OpsLink, Aspen ResView, Aspen RMS, Aspen SKUA (includes StratEarth), Aspen Sysdrill, Aspen Tempest.
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Graitec Advance Workshop DSTViewer 2024.0 Software
Graitec Advance Workshop DSTViewer 2024.0

Graitec Advance Workshop DSTViewer 2024.0

Import, sort and manage multiple industry standard digital production formats including: CAM, PCS, DXF, CSV, XLS, BOM, DTSV, NC, NC1.

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Geotic Apps 2023 Software
Geotic Apps 2023
GeoticCad v1.11.2, GeoticLog v8.2.12 RC2, GeoticMine v1.4.8, GeoticSection v1.0.8

Geotic Apps 2023

Geotic - quality geological software designed by geologists for geologists.

GeoticLog application is used to input survey information. Its user-friendly interface greatly accelerates data input by allowing users to enter titles, summaries and even typical descriptions with the help of dictionaries. These dictionaries, which are edited by the users themselves, allow data to be validated when input, minimizing the need for subsequent corrections and ensuring exceptional data quality at all times. The information is input and organized in a simple and logical way, making the work even easier. The application also generates personalized reports according to your needs. Similarly, strip logs can be created. The application includes a users’ rights management interface to control data access and make data secure. Data is saved in Access or SQL format and organized in an intuitive schematic diagram, making it easier to produce charts and thematic plans. These databases can then be used by GeoticGraph to create sections and plan views or they can even be exported to other applications. GeoticLog database is directly linked to GeoticMine, which allow to go back and forth easily. Lastly, modules for batch imports/exports, calculating composites, calculating adjusted structures, and QAQC and drilling core photo management integrate with your environment and greatly increase the application’s potential.

GeoticSection allows plans and section books visualization created from your Geotic database. It replaced GeoticGraph in 2022. As its predecessor, GeoticSection offers all the flexibility and the functionalities you need to create quality sections, and much more. This with the same simplicity as GeoticMine. Directly synchronized to GeoticLog, allows importation of 2D section profiles from GeoticSection and GeoticMine.

GeoticMine is the ideal tool for complex 3D geological modelling directly from Geotic databases. Our latest addition supports all the features and objects in our three other software application. It is currently the only modelling software that connects a specific point on drill hole trace in a 3D environment with a linearized and geo-referenced photograph in real time. The effect is striking. Models can be made using sets of polylines and tie lines or automated procedures based on 3D Delaunay-Voronoi triangulation, or a combination of both. GeoticMine also include all the features needed for the volumetric integration and interrogation of block models created by geostatic software such as Isatis, Vulcan, Gemcom or Datamine. In addition to its advanced modelling capabilities, GeoticMine enables you to create vertical, inclined or horizontal sections and projections with the simplicity and ease-of-use that Geotic products are known far. Drill hole planning in a 3D graphics environment that takes historic deviations into account is a practical tool that our clients will certainly appreciate.

The GeoticCAD application is designed to interpret and add the finishing touches to section drawings created by GeoticSection. Similar to AutoCAD, GeoticCAD will provide you with a familiar work environment, thus reducing your learning curve. The software stands out from many competitor products thanks to its own integrated drawing motor. You do not need to install AutoCAD, which translates into increased autonomy and reduced costs. Not only does GeoticCAD work with all the formats supported by GeoticGraph (JPG, PNG, DWG, TIF, PGN…), but its main strength lies in the use of Geotic’s own VDML file format, which optimizes your possibilities. For example, several sections can be combined simply and automatically into one drawing without having to worry about insertion points. Complicated rotations will be a thing of the past since GeoticCAD automatically recognizes all the systems (World, Measure and Plot) defined when creating sections with GeoticGraph, and allows you to move from one system to another with a simple click. It is easy to visualize individual sections when you add your geological interpretation, by making the neighbouring section/s appear in grey. You can complete your drawing by including an arrow pointing north, a graphical scale or a legend explaining the colour codes used when creating your sections or by importing graphical elements from other sources such as AutoCAD or Gemcom.
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Sandmeier geophysical research Reflex-Win v10.2 Software
Sandmeier geophysical research Reflex-Win v10.2 build 09/05/2023

Sandmeier geophysical research Reflex-Win v10.2

Sandmeier geophysical research is a small geophyisical company specialized in the development of software algorithms for seismic (reflection and refraction) and Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) processing and interpretation for near surface applications.

Reflex is one of the world's most popular geophysical near surface processing and interpretation packages.

It covers the complete range of wave data (seismic, GPR, ultrasound) and with the different geometry assemblings (surface reflection and refraction, borehole crosshole and tomography and combination of borehole and surface measurements) is therefore suitable for
  • GPR processing and interpretation
    • import from almost all available GPR devices
    • more than 130 different processing steps including editing, filtering, migration, ...
    • interactive velocity adaptation
    • picking and layershow
    • full GPS support
  • seismic reflection processing/interpretation
    • comprehensive prestack processing possibilities
    • interactive velocity analysis (manual interpretation, semblance, CVP, CVS, ...)
    • NMO-correction and stacking
    • prestack migration
  • seismic refraction processing/interpretation
    • manual, semiautomatic and automatic picking
    • wavefront inversion
    • tomographic inversion using wavepath traveltime calculation
    • forward raytracing
  • borehole data processing/interpretation
    • for crosshole, VSP, multiangle crosshole, Walkaway VSP
    • tomographic inversion of the first arrival traveltimes
    • interactive velocity analysis of VSP-data
    • prestack migration of crosshole data
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Graitec CADKON+ 2024.0 Software
Graitec CADKON+ 2024.0

Graitec CADKON+ 2024.0


All powerful drawing functions that you know from ordinary CAD software, including a full support of DWG format, work with layers, viewports and much more. All functions commonly used for drawing and drawing modifications are available. They are for example lines, polylines, copy, move, rotate, stretch, measure and many others. You can choose between a modern control environment using tool ribbons or a classic icon environment. Keyboard shortcut support or so called "Command Suggestion" are self-evident.

All efficient drawing functions, that you know from regular CAD programs, including full support of the latest DWG format. CADKON+ enables the drawing enviroment to be set according to existing company standards. It includes mainly a layer system and settings of linetypes and lineweights connected with it, furthermore drawing scale, units, display of elements and library sharing which is pre-set but can be also modified and set according to your company standards. CADKON+ offers compact command groups used to draw building construction that enable you render a specific construction in a drawing simply by entering its parameters. Consequent modifications and parameter changes can be done using specialized functions or basic editing tools. Unifying feature of all the rendered constructions are quick changes. To draw vertical cuts and views, CADKON+ provides tools, which you use to create cuts and views effectively and take use of already existing information from floor plan drawings. Rendered construction elements can be itemized and you may generate a table with a piece list and view schemes. It takes only a few clicks to create a room legend or a floor structure legend depending on the rooms. Apart from creating new projects, CADKON+ allows you to take over and modify other projects created originally in other CAD environments. This is possible thanks to independence and openness of the whole system. Access to libraries of manufacturers and common elements contributes to a higher productivity and to a efficient drawing. The option to save created constructions to be used later and by other users is another advantage. CADKON+ offers a wide variety of useful functions that can be used to finish a construction drawing with ease. They include dimensioning, text labels and references, legends of materials and used lines for cables, pipes, borders etc., stake points, stamps, drawing frames and much more.

Is absent in the installer.

CADKON+ RC is CAD software fully compatible with DWG format. It offers to its users a simple, natural and cost-effective solution for frequent demands when creating and modifying drawings. With a modern and easy-to-use interface, CADKON+ RC creates all 2D and 3D elements, it contains functions to navigate in the drawing and visualize it and also works with terms such as "layers", "grip points", "windows" etc. The program includes a library of frequently used reinforcement shapes, including 3D shapes. Other shapes can be defined using a curve or by formwork. A variable length item is available for form-complex constructions, and you can use an item in linear meters to reinforce wreaths or like wall secondary reinforcement. Lists automatically contains inserted reinforcement with respect to user settings. You can choose whether to show items from the entire drawing, selected elements, or layers. Any change in reinforcement will immediately appear in the list so that these are always up to date. Tables are usually placed in the drawing, but they can also be exported to Excel. All inserted reinforcement also has its 3D model, which acts as a basis for its display and evaluation. This guarantees a clear evaluation of the amount of reinforcement used and also the display of reinforcement in 2D views. Changes made in one view are automatically taken into account in all other views. Each reinforcement bar can be displayed and described in each 2D-view in different way. The contents of annotations is filled and updated automatically according to the reinforcement. You can freely specify the shape of the annotations by assembling your own mask from different reinforcement parameters. Rebar meshes tools include a user-extensible meshes library, inserting single meshes, modifying and cutting them, pulling networks out of the floor plan with dimensioning, and a mesh schedule. There are a wide range of mesh presentation settings.
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Graitec Advance CAD 2024.0 build 14.0.7346 Software
Graitec Advance CAD 2024.0 build 14.0.7346

Graitec Advance CAD 2024.0 build 14.0.7346

Advance CAD is 2D /3D CAD software for creating and modifying native DWG files, dedicated to the AEC industry.

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Trimble Spectra Precision Survey Pro v6.1.1.19 Software
Trimble Spectra Precision Survey Pro v6.1.1.19

Trimble Spectra Precision Survey Pro v6.1.1.19

Полевое программное обеспечение Spectra Precision Survey Pro Software обладает огромным набором функций, с помощью которых Вы сможете решать любые геодезические задачи. Данное программное обеспечение разработано совместно с опытными геодезистами, каждая ее новая версия построена на практическом опыте. ПО Survey Pro Software установлено на надежную линейку контроллеров Spectra Precision для обеспечения беспрецедентной интеграции, целостности данных, эффективности и простоты в использовании.

ПО Survey Pro Software предлагается в нескольких различных модулях, поэтому Вы можете выбрать тот, который подходит именно Вам. Вы экономите деньги, получая только то программное обеспечение, которое необходимо для Ваших работ. При необходимости в любой момент возможно быстрое и легкое добавление новых функций, в которых Вы нуждаетесь. Если Ваш фронт работ расширяется и Вам требуется больше производительности, Вы сможете добавить в ПО новые дополнительные модули.

Survey Pro Software устанавливается на нескольких типах контроллеров, а также инженерных и роботизированных тахеометрах, чтобы Вы могли получить единое ПО для ведения любых работ. Survey Pro Software обладает понятным интуитивным меню со встроенной справкой, с ним можно быстро освоиться и работать четко, легко и эффективно. Индивидуальные пользовательские настройки обеспечат быстрый доступ к списку необходимых процедур. Работа с полевыми измерениями будет осуществляться с максимальным удобством, удивит простота их редактирования и быстрый ввод примечаний. Исключить ошибки в выполненной работе станет намного легче благодаря отображению на мини карте и автоматическим средствам контроля. Survey Pro Software имеет огромный набор функций COGO, и по своим возможностям превосходит остальные ПО, поэтому Survey Pro остается главным выбором геодезистов на протяжении более 20 лет.

Survey Pro Software работает со всеми приборами Spectra Precision и Nikon, а также многими приборами других производителей. Конечно, если у Вас есть полная линейка продуктов Spectra Precision и Nikon, Вы увидите, что интеграция Survey Pro Software с этими приборами, дает Вам дополнительную мощность и гибкость, необходимую для конкуренции в современном мире.
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Graitec Advance Design 2024.0 build 19086 Software
Graitec Advance Design 2024.0 build 19086

Graitec Advance Design 2024.0 build 19086

Graitec Advance - программный комплекс проектирования металлоконструкций.

Advance Design was specifically developed for industry professionals that require a superior solution for the structural analysis and design of Reinforced Concrete and Steel structures according to the latest versions of Eurocodes (EC0, EC1, EC2, EC3 and EC8). Advance Design features include easy modeling, a powerful FEM analysis engine, top-level design wizards, automated post-processing of results and automated reports. Achieve a new level of computer-assisted engineering with Advance Design.
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