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Anadolu Efes Other
Anadolu Efes 

Anadolu Efes

От всей души поздравляем баскетбольный клуб Anadolu Efes в лице многоуважаемого raduga_fb с первым в истории Кубком Евролиги по баскетболу!!!

Anadolu Efes Istanbul is the Turkish Airlines EuroLeague champion for the first time! Efes outlasted FC Barcelona 81-86 on Sunday night in the championship game of the 2021 Final Four at Lanxess Arena in Cologne, Germany. The victory made all the players on the team champions for the first time as well as Ergin Ataman, who became the first Turkish-born head coach to lift the trophy. Barcelona came back from an 11-point deficit to tie the game in the fourth quarter and was within 1 with 3:25 remaining, but Vasilije Micic scored 7 points in the final 3 minutes to make sure Efes went home with the trophy. Micic finished with 25 points and 5 assists, while his backcourt mate Shane Larkin added 21 points. Sertac Sanli chipped in with 12 for the winners. Cory Higgins led Barcelona with 23 points and Kyle Kuric netted 18. Brandon Davies tallied 17 points and 11 rebounds and Nikola Mirotic added 11 and 9 for Barcelona, which came up short in its bid to win its third continental crown and first since 2010.
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Topcon Receiver Utility v3.0.2 build 1541.207576 Software
Topcon Receiver Utility v3.0.2 build 1541.207576

Topcon Receiver Utility v3.0.2 build 1541.207576

Topcon Receiver Utility software is primarily designed for advanced users who need to configure their receiver hardware, or peripheral devices (internal and external modems, Bluetooth boards, etc.)

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ABB PEL software PEL Suite release 23.0 repack Software
ABB PEL software PEL Suite release 23.0 repack

ABB PEL software PEL Suite release 23.0 repack

PEL is a collection of tools to enable engineers to carry out their day-to-day tasks more quickly and reliably. The software includes purpose built programs to generate datasheets, perform engineering calculations of liquid and/or gas flow, investigate physical properties and create fault tree diagrams. Designed by engineers for engineers, the tools are intuitive and easy to use. They can be used to work out every day calculations, for troubleshooting issues such as bottlenecks, or when making plant modifications. This low cost solution will enable engineers to design processes more quickly and reliably with up-to-date and permanently available design data.

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CSI Bridge Advanced with Rating v23.2.0 build 1738 Software
CSI Bridge Advanced with Rating v23.2.0 build 1738 x64

CSI Bridge Advanced with Rating v23.2.0 build 1738

Modeling, analysis and design of bridge structures have been integrated into CSI Bridge to create the ultimate in computerized engineering tools. The ease with which all of these tasks can be accomplished makes CSI Bridge the most versatile and productive software program available on the market today. 

Using CSI Bridge, engineers can easily define complex bridge geometries, boundary conditions and load cases. The bridge models are defined parametrically, using terms that are familiar to bridge engineers such as layout lines, spans, bearings, abutments, bents, hinges and post-tensioning. The software creates spine, shell or solid object models that update automatically as the bridge definition parameters are changed. 

CSI Bridge design allows for quick and easy design and retrofitting of steel and concrete bridges. The parametric modeler allows the user to build simple or complex bridge models and to make changes efficiently while maintaining total control over the design process. Lanes and vehicles can be defined quickly and include width effects. Simple and practical Gantt charts are available to simulate modeling of construction sequences and scheduling. 

CSI Bridge includes an easy to follow wizard that outlines the steps necessary to create a bridge model. 

Completely integrated within the CSI Bridge design package is the power of the SAPFire analysis engine, including staged construction, creep and shrinkage analysis, cable tensioning to target forces, camber and shape finding, geometric nonlinearity (P-delta and large displacements), material nonlinearity (superstructure, bearings, substructure and soil supports), buckling and static and dynamic analysis. All of these apply to a single comprehensive model. In addition, AASHTO LRFD design is included with automated load combinations, superstructure design and the latest seismic design.

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CSI SAP2000 v23.2.0 build 1738 Software
CSI SAP2000 v23.2.0 build 1738 x64

CSI SAP2000 v23.2.0 build 1738

CSI SAP2000 - cистема трехмерного статического и динамического анализа методом конечных элементов и проектирования сооружений.

SAP2000 следует принципам, основными чертами которых являются современный, интуитивно понятный и универсальный пользовательский интерфейс, основанный на уникальном расчетном ядре и инструментах проектирования конструкций для инженеров, разрабатывающих объекты транспортной инфраструктуры, промышленные и гражданские здания, спортивные сооружения и другие объекты.

Начиная с трехмерной объектно-ориентированной рабочей среды моделирования и до широчайшего спектра опций расчета и проектирования конструкций, комплексно интегрированных в один мощный пользовательский интерфейс, SAP2000 – это наиболее интегрированный, производительный и практичный расчетный комплекс общего назначения, существующий на сегодняшнем рынке. Интуитивно понятный интерфейс позволяет Вам создавать модели конструкций в кратчайшие сроки без долгого процесса обучения. Сегодня Вы можете использовать SAP2000 для всех Ваших задач по расчету и проектированию, в том числе и для небольших повседневных задач.

Комплексные модели могут быть созданы и разбиты на конечные элементы с использованием встроенных шаблонов. Интегрированные инструменты проектирования конструкций способны автоматически сгенерировать ветровые, волновые, нагрузки от транспорта и сейсмические нагрузки на модель, а также выполнить полную автоматическую проверку стальных и железобетонных элементов согласно нормам проектирования различных стран.

News in release 23.2.0 are here and there
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DotSoft Word2CAD v3.2.0.0 Retail Software
DotSoft Word2CAD v3.2.0.0 Retail

DotSoft Word2CAD v3.2.0.0 Retail

Word2CAD overcomes the limits and problems associated with OLE placement of Microsoft Word documents into AutoCAD, BricsCAD and IntelliCAD.В  It draws the document using native geometry so the result is a bound collection of mtext (and table) objects that is linked to the original document, can be plotted without problems and is highly portable to other users.

New Release: We added support for Word Tables (even those including merged rows and columns) as well as inline images (bitmaps).  Also numerous refinements to existing tools and faster processing.
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DotSoft XL2CAD v7.2.0.0 Retail Software
DotSoft Excel2CAD v7.2.0.0 Retail

DotSoft XL2CAD v7.2.0.0 Retail

XL2CAD overcomes the limits and problems associated with OLE placement of Excel spreadsheets inside AutoCAD, BricsCAD and IntelliCAD. It instantly draws the Excel spreadsheet in CAD using native geometry and links it. The results are lines, fills and mtext that can plot without problems and is highly portable to others.

New Release: Having Microsoft Excel installed is now an option! XL2CAD's new dual mode operation allows it to communicate with Excel to obtain the spreadsheet information, or read the XLSx (OpenXML) format directly. This has been the default file format since Excel 2007 and is available as a file format in OpenOffice (or LibreOffice) so you have a choice. Tools that output content can push into an active Excel session or write a XLSx file and open it in your default spreadsheet application.
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midas MeshFree Pro 2021 V420 R1 build 14.04.2021 Software
midas MeshFree Pro 2021 V420 R1 build 14.04.2021 x64

midas MeshFree Pro 2021 V420 R1 build 14.04.2021

midas MeshFree - доступное комплексное программное обеспечение для инженерных расчетов и оптимизации проектных решений.

midas MeshFree is a design and analysis cutting-edge technology developed as a joint project with Samsung Electronics. MeshFree performs finite element analysis on the original CAD model without need for meshing or defeaturing. MeshFree frees you from all the difficulties of today’s design and analysis software.

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Топоматик Robur Инженерные сети v16.0.3.105 Software

Топоматик Robur Инженерные сети v16.0.3.105

Топоматик Robur Инженерные сети v16.0.3.105

Топоматик Robur Инженерные сети – это программный продукт для проектирования водопровода, канализации, газопровода и сети связи. В настоящее время продолжается разработка возможности конструирования кабельных сетей и элементов наружного освещения.


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Топоматик Robur Изыскания v15.0.34.17 Software
Топоматик Robur Изыскания v15.0.34.17

Топоматик Robur Изыскания v15.0.34.17

Программный продукт предназначен для обработки материалов полевых изысканий и создания цифровой модели местности. Позволяет вводить информацию, как с цифровых геодезических приборов, так и путем традиционного заполнения журналов. Содержит инструментарий для уравнивания теодолитных ходов, расчета тахеометрии и нивелирования, построения цифровых моделей и оформления планшетов.

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