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Engissol Cross Section Analysis & Design v4.2 Software
Engissol Cross Section Analysis & Design v4.2

Engissol Cross Section Analysis & Design v4.2

Cross Section Analysis & Design (top rated structural software in America, Europe, Asia and Australia) is a powerful application that can perform a wide range of cross section calculations, including the design of reinforced concrete sections (rebar calculator). The provided cross sections can be simple or complex and can consist of one or more geometric entities (rectangles, polygons, circles, arcs etc.). The geometry of the cross section can simply be drawn using the versatile featured user interface. The user can also import standard steel sections from a complete shape library according to all major codes (AISC, Australian-New Zealand, BS, Chinese, European, Indian, Aluminum etc.)

There are no limitations regarding the shape, materials or loads of a section, as the program can handle any arbitrary cross section under biaxial bending and axial loads (Mx,My,P). Among its capabilities, Cross Section Analysis & Design can calculate all sectional properties, plot Moment – Curvature and Interaction diagrams, estimate the location of the neutral axis under given sets of biaxial loads and plot the corresponding strain diagrams as well as the resulting stress contours. These items can also be calculated by providing the location of the neutral axis plane on the section.

Moreover, the program fully complies with the following codes concerning reinforced concrete sections: AASHTO, UBC, AS 3600, IS 456, ACI 318, BS 8110, CSA A233, EC2, NZS 3101, CP 65.

With just a few clicks, the user can perform a reinforcement design according to above listed codes, plot the matching interaction diagrams etc., or check a given reinforcement pattern under the specified load cases.

The stress – strain curves of concrete, reinforcement and other materials are specified parametrically using Analysis Parameters Sets. Each load case is assigned with an Analysis Parameters Set, so that calculations can be performed for many design situations, such as Ultimate/Serviceability or custom defined Limit States, with an automatic adjustment of the material properties, safety factors etc. For instance, when choosing the default ULS Parameters Set, the concrete curve will be rectangular and its tensile strength will not be considered. On the other hand, the default SLS Parameters Set, uses a hyperbolic stress-strain curve for concrete taking into account its tensile strength. The safety factors in this case are automatically adjusted to be 1.0. These parameters can be directly changed by the user.

A large material library is also available according to almost all concrete/reinforcement material specifications. Apart from concrete and reinforcement materials, the user can also specify custom linear, bilinear, trilinear parabolic or fully general materials.
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Veit Christoph VCmaster v19.04 Software
Veit Christoph VCmaster v19.04

Veit Christoph VCmaster v19.04

With VCmaster, engineers have a unique software solution which generates complete uniform technical documents without restrictions.

Examples are:
VCmaster contains numerous predefined design aids for structural analysis. The interactive templates are capable of executing calculations and offer specific solutions for structural elements. All templates can be modified and combined to individual requirements. The libraries are available in numerous languages and can be used in combination with the English, German or Spanish program version as required.

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CSoft MechaniCS v11.0.1889 Software
CSoft MechaniCS for Autodesk AutoCAD 2007-2016 & Inventor 2010-2016 v11.0.1889 x32+x64

CSoft MechaniCS v11.0.1889

CSoft MechaniCS обеспечивает специалиста всем необходимым для проектирования машиностроительных объектов: более чем двумя тысячами стандартов (включая ГОСТ, ОСТ, DIN и ISO) и унифицированными компонентами, возможностью создавать собственные интеллектуальные объекты, выполнять инженерные расчеты с отображением результатов на модели, оформлять проекции чертежей по ЕСКД и многим другим. Все детали общей конструкторско-технологической базы обладают интеллектом и являются объектно-зависимыми. При изменении параметров одной детали все связанные с ней объектно-зависимые детали изменятся автоматически, причем в соответствии с их параметрами в базе. Такая технология — мощный инструмент многовариантного проектирования, залог повышения качества выпускаемых проектов. Важно, что этот подход одинаково доступен пользователям Autodesk AutoCAD и Autodesk Inventor. CSoft MechaniCS дает конструктору возможность учитывать не только геометрические параметры стандартных элементов, но и их механические свойства. На объекты в сборочных чертежах (при использовании Autodesk AutoCAD) можно накладывать геометрические и параметрические зависимости, использовать предустановленные зависимости при их размещении на чертеже.

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Gray Technical CelTools v3.0 Software
Gray Technical CelTools v3.0

Gray Technical CelTools v3.0

CelTools is a collection of functions and tools geared towards making Excel easier and faster to use. Specifically made to reduce time and increase productivity in the work place, CelTools has been constantly improving with more features to make complicated task as easy to complete as clicking a button. CelTools offers a wide variety of functions and features that were specifically selected to make the work day easier. Some of these features include; the ability to directly email workbooks and worksheets, export worksheets, navigate multiple workbooks/worksheets/named ranges with live previews, and the automatic workbook backup that works in real time (unlike the Microsoft Office Recovery Wizard that only activates after so many minutes). There are also features added in for tedious task, like swapping ranges, alphabetizing worksheets, reversing orders of list, hiding/showing/password protecting content, changing a range from UPPERCASE/lowercase/Proper Case with a single click, and even a name switcher used for switching first names and last names. There are also some less conventional task that are still needed from time to time. What if you need some random data for a demonstration or a customer sample? CelTools has a random number generator that can either input formulas or just numbers into a selected range. Need to select something randomly from a list? CelTools can do that as well. The possibilities keep expanding and features are added frequently!

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Gray Technical Excel Draw v3.0.9 Software
Gray Technical Excel Draw v3.0.9

Gray Technical Excel Draw v3.0.9

Have you ever wanted to create drawings inside of Excel? If you have, then you probably know that Microsoft Excel, while amazing for spread sheets, does have its limitations. Graphing is not one of Excel’s strong suits, especially when it comes to drawings, until now. With the Excel Draw add-in you can use Excel to create, generate, graph, export and even view X1 Y1 Z1 X2 Y2 Z2 data within a drawing style format and in real time! You can copy XYZ data directly into your Excel spreadsheet or create your own data on the spot. Objects are simple to add with a visually distinct icon for every object type: Rectangles, Lines, Points, Circles and even Text. Absolute, Relative and Z Values are all optional. Every object can have its own unique settings or simply stay generic. XYZ value ordering can be modified but need to stay uniform throughout your project. With multiple objects displayed drawings can sometimes become confusing, causing you to lose track of what shape is associated to which value. The built-in Drawing Manager will help you with that, allowing you to highlight and select one object from a complete list of shapes. Modifying graphed object values will automatically update your drawing in real time. Exporting your drawing is just as easy as creating it. With the Exporting icons you can quickly export your data in several different formats; including drawing (DXF and TXT), image (PNG and JPG), document (PDF and HTML) and spreadsheet (XLS and CSV).

More info
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Engissol 2D Frame Analysis Dynamic Edition v4.9 Software
Engissol 2D Frame Analysis Dynamic Edition v4.9

Engissol 2D Frame Analysis Dynamic Edition v4.9

Software tool for structural analysis of frames, beams and trusses under static, dynamic, linear and non-linear loads. It includes all features of the Static Edition and the Truss Edition of 2D Frame Analysis software suite plus the ability to handle dynamic loads. The dynamic modes of the structure are automatically calculated and the corresponding modal shapes are represented graphically. Supported structural excitations include response spectrum as well as stepped time history analysis. The software uses optimized finite elements and includes a powerful solution engine. The calculation results are represented in an automatically created calculation report, exportable to pdf, doc and xls formats. Moreover, the program also supportes non-linear static analysis (second order analysis) for the consideration of P-Delta effects.

The Dynamic Edition of 2D Frame Analysis is a powerfull application that uses optimized finite elements (beam elements) in order to perform static and dynamic analysis of beams, portal frames and trusses. Its versatile interface as well as its easy customization make it a leader-product in frame analysis.
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Copernic Desktop Search v7.1.1 Search Server Edition Software
Copernic Desktop Search v7.1.1 Search Server Edition

Copernic Desktop Search v7.1.1 Search Server Edition

Hunt down your files. Найдётся всё, но не Яндекс!

Desktop Search allows you to search your computer files & emails. It is designed to find the most relevant information on your PC, including Office files, Outlook emails & attachments, text documents and multimedia files. As a standalone application, it creates a keyword map (index) to unlock unstructured data. Instead of investing in a large & expensive enterprise search solution, a desktop search is a quick & easy installation to increase your productivity while being extremely secure. The Desktop Search is offered on a yearly subscription so that our clients always get the latest and newest features as soon as it is available.

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CSI ETABS v18.1.0 build 2117 x64 Software
CSI ETABS v18.1.0 build 2117 x64

CSI ETABS v18.1.0 build 2117 x64

The innovative and revolutionary new ETABS is the ultimate integrated software package for the structural analysis and design of buildings. Incorporating 40 years of continuous research and development, this latest ETABS offers unmatched 3D object based modeling and visualization tools, blazingly fast linear and nonlinear analytical power, sophisticated and comprehensive design capabilities for a wide-range of materials, and insightful graphic displays, reports, and schematic drawings that allow users to quickly and easily decipher and understand analysis and design results. 

From the start of design conception through the production of schematic drawings, ETABS integrates every aspect of the engineering design process. Creation of models has never been easier - intuitive drawing commands allow for the rapid generation of floor and elevation framing. CAD drawings can be converted directly into ETABS models or used as templates onto which ETABS objects may be overlaid. The state-of-the-art SAPFire 64-bit solver allows extremely large and complex models to be rapidly analyzed, and supports nonlinear modeling techniques such as construction sequencing and time effects (e.g., creep and shrinkage). Design of steel and concrete frames (with automated optimization), composite beams, composite columns, steel joists, and concrete and masonry shear walls is included, as is the capacity check for steel connections and base plates. Models may be realistically rendered, and all results can be shown directly on the structure. Comprehensive and customizable reports are available for all analysis and design output, and schematic construction drawings of framing plans, schedules, details, and cross-sections may be generated for concrete and steel structures. 

ETABS provides an unequaled suite of tools for structural engineers designing buildings, whether they are working on one-story industrial structures or the tallest commercial high-rises. Immensely capable, yet easy-to-use, has been the hallmark of ETABS since its introduction decades ago, and this latest release continues that tradition by providing engineers with the technologically-advanced, yet intuitive, software they require to be their most productive.

News in release 18.1.0 here and there
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Gray Technical DATA to ASCII v1.0.0.1 Software
Gray Technical DATA to ASCII v1.0.0.1

Gray Technical DATA to ASCII v1.0.0.1

Specifically made for 3D Model and Geological drilling logs, DATA to ASCII is an application that quickly takes XYZ data stored in various formats and converts them into a standardized CSV Data Sheet that any program can read. No longer do you need to fumble through multiple applications or data editors just to see your raw data. DATA to ASCII can read, preview, convert and export your data into multiple formats, including Excel formatted CSV data tables.

Do you need the location data from your 3D rendered object, or exact XYZ locations of a point inside of your geographical map? DATA to ASCII can convert many file formats directly into other data formats with ease!

DATA to ASCII has the ability to preview and convert multiple files at once. Simply load your data into the application, select your output source and click convert. It is so simple; you will wonder how you ever gathered raw data from your files before.

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Gray Technical XYZ Mesh v6.0.5.10 Software
Gray Technical XYZ Mesh v6.0.5.10

Gray Technical XYZ Mesh v6.0.5.10

If you have tried to take X Y Z data and graph it three dimensionally inside of Microsoft Excel you know that Excel’s graphing capabilities are quite limited. With XYZ Mesh you can convert and copy your data directly into Excel’s native format of MESH, Surface/Wireline Graph or 3D Line/Scatter Plot and even export them directly into Microsoft Excel and CAD. XYZ Mesh is currently the only software available that converts X Y Z data directly into Microsoft Excel’s native graphing formats! Version 6 has many new features that make creating true 3D graphs like Surface Charts, Wireframes and 3D lines from XYZ data inside Excel much easier!

More info
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