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Valmet (ex. Metso) WinGEMS v5.4.324 Software
Valmet (ex. Metso) WinGEMS v5.4.324

Valmet (ex. Metso) WinGEMS v5.4.324

WinGEMS is the Pulp&Paper industry's premier process simulation tool that combines the ease of use of a graphical interface with twenty-five plus years of experience and process knowledge contained in the GEMS modular simulator. Application of WinGEMS can be used to perform mill financial modeling, steam plant optimization, VOC emission prediction, full mill process simulation, and steam monitoring to name a few. WinGEMS is very user friendly and easily communicates with an Excel spreadsheet.

With new features, including over 75 new pre-built process unit blocks, Valmet WinGEMS can save days in the development of a full mill simulation. These blocks contain a wealth of knowledge and experience to assist in modeling all areas of the pulp and paper making process.

  • Supports faster and more accurate planning and decision-making
  • Provides a common basis for evaluating proposed process changes
  • Allows quick assessment of operation and capital planning scenarios that can’t be tested in a real-world situation
  • Allows plant designs to be "operations tested” during the design phase, avoiding costly design errors
  • Helps eliminate costs associated with over/under capacity
  • Enhances understanding of the "big picture” through better understanding of process relationships, bottlenecks, and interactions
  • Provides savings in time and materials with ongoing daily troubleshooting and equipment evaluation capabilities
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Autodesk Inventor Professional 2019 for Designers Bookware
Sham Tickoo - Autodesk Inventor Professional 2019 for Designers, (19-th Edition)

CADCIM Technologies, 2018
epub, 1079 pages, english
ISBN: 978-1-64057-030-6

Autodesk Inventor Professional 2019 for Designers

Autodesk Inventor Professional 2019 for Designers is a comprehensive textbook that introduces the users to Autodesk Inventor 2019, a feature-based 3D parametric solid modeling software. All environments of this solid modeling software are covered in this textbook with thorough explanation of commands, options, and their applications to create real-world products. The mechanical engineering industry examples that are used as tutorials and the related additional exercises at the end of each chapter help the users to understand the design techniques used in the industry to design a product. Additionally, the author emphasizes on the solid modeling techniques that will improve the productivity and efficiency of the users. After reading this textbook, the users will be able to create solid parts, sheet metal parts, assemblies, weldments, drawing views with bill of materials, presentation views to animate the assemblies, and apply direct modeling techniques to facilitate rapid design prototyping. Also, the users will learn the editing techniques that are essential for making a successful design.

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Autodesk Inventor 2019 and Engineering Graphics Bookware
Randy Shih - Autodesk Inventor 2019 and Engineering Graphics

SDC Publications, 2018
pdf, 705 pages, english
ISBN-13: 978-1-63057-202-0
ISBN-10: 1-63057-202-0

Autodesk Inventor 2019 and Engineering Graphics

Autodesk Inventor 2019 and Engineering Graphics: An Integrated Approach will teach you the principles of engineering graphics while instructing you on how to use the powerful 3D modeling capabilities of Autodesk Inventor 2019. Using step by step tutorials, this text will teach you how to create and read engineering drawings while becoming proficient at using the most common features of Autodesk Inventor. By the end of the book you will be fully prepared to take and pass the Autodesk Inventor Certified User Exam. This text is intended to be used as a training guide for students and professionals. The chapters in this text proceed in a pedagogical fashion to guide you from constructing basic shapes to making complete sets of engineering drawings. This text takes a hands-on, exercise-intensive approach to all the important concepts of Engineering Graphics, as well as in-depth discussions of parametric feature-based CAD techniques. This textbook contains a series of fifteen chapters, with detailed step-by-step tutorial style lessons, designed to introduce beginning CAD users to the graphic language used in all branches of technical industry. This book does not attempt to cover all of Autodesk Inventor 2019 s features, only to provide an introduction to the software. It is intended to help you establish a good basis for exploring and growing in the exciting field of Computer Aided Engineering.

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CSoft СПДС GraphiCS v12.0.2475 Software
CSoft СПДС GraphiCS v12.0.2475 x86+x64

CSoft СПДС GraphiCS v12.0.2475

СПДС GraphiCS - кроссплатформенное приложение, предназначенное для разработки проектно-технической документации в соответствии с требованиями стандарту предприятия, а в его отсутствие - нормам системы проектной документации для строительства (СПДС).

В настоящее время проект СПДС совместим с тремя графическими платформами: AutoCAD, AutoCAD Architecture, nanoCAD Plus, ZWCAD+.

Каждому графическому обозначению ГОСТ сопоставлен объект СПДС, например, массив осей, выноска, отметка уровня, обозначение разреза и т.д. Интеллектуальность этих объектов позволяет легко получить необходимое графическое представление и задать атрибутивную информацию.

Более 30 табличных форм по ГОСТ и возможность автоматического формирования спецификаций помогут безошибочно сформировать отчетную часть документации. База стандартных элементов содержит в себе более 3000 параметрических строительных объектов, таких как балки, колонны, ригели, плиты перекрытий, фундаментные блоки, металлопрокат, крепеж и т.п. База является открытой для редактирования и наполнения встроенным механизмом.

СПДС настолько интуитивно, что практически не требует затрат времени на освоение. Автоматический нормоконтроль за параметрами объектов обеспечит единый стандарт выпускаемой документации всей организации.

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Новые возможности версии 12 тут
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Reliability Design of Mechanical Systems Bookware
Seongwoo Woo - Reliability Design of Mechanical Systems
A Guide for Mechanical and Civil Engineers, Second Edition

Springer, 2019
pdf, 476 pages, english
ISBN 978-981-13-7235-3

The revised edition of this book offers an expanded overview of the reliability design of mechanical systems and describes the reliability methodology, including a parametric accelerated life test (ALT) plan, a load analysis, a tailored series of parametric ALTs with action plans, and an evaluation of the final designs to ensure the design requirements are satisfied. It covers both the quantitative and qualitative approaches of the reliability design forming in the development process of mechanical products, with a focus on parametric ALT and illustrated via case studies. This new reliability methodology – parametric ALT should help mechanical and civil engineers to uncover design parameters improving product design and avoiding recalls. Updated chapters cover product recalls and assessment of their significance, modern definitions in reliability engineering, parametric accelerated life testing in mechanical systems, and extended case studies. For this revised edition, one new chapter has been introduced to reflect recent developments in analysis of fluid motion and mechanical vibration. Other chapters are expanded and updated to improve the explanation of topics including structures and load analysis, failure mechanics, design and reliability testing, and mechanical system failure. The broad scope gives the reader an overview of the state-of-the-art in the reliability design of mechanical systems and an indication of future directions and applications. It will serve as a solid introduction to the field for advanced students, and a valuable reference for those working in the development of mechanical systems and related areas.

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Advanced Structural Analysis with MATLAB Bookware
Srinivasan Chandrasekaran - Advanced Structural Analysis with MATLAB

CRC Press, 2019
pdf, 521 pages, english
ISBN 978-0-367-02645-5

Advanced Structural Analysis with MATLAB

Building structures are unique in the field of engineering, as they pose challenges in the development and conceptualization of their design. As more innovative structural forms are envisioned, detailed analyses using computer tools are inevitable. This book enables readers to gain an overall understanding of computer-aided analysis of various types of structural forms using advanced tools such as MATLAB. Detailed descriptions of the fundamentals are explained in a "classroom" style, which will make the content more user-friendly and easier to understand. Basic concepts are emphasized through simple illustrative examples and exercises, and analysis methodologies and guidelines are explained through numerous example problems.

The analysis steps have been explained in a classroom style of teaching and the computer programs for MATLAB platform have been introduced in the form of examples. These computer programs cover matrix operation for a variety of structural forms and responses. The illustrative examples in the book enhance the understanding of the structural concepts stimulating interest in learning, creative thinking and design.
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DotSoft ToolPac v19.0.2.1 Software
DotSoft ToolPac v19.0.2.1

DotSoft ToolPac v19.0.2.1

In the never ending quest for faster AutoCAD/BricsCAD systems, users go the extra mile to purchase the fastest hardware.  Faster processors, graphics cards, etc., are implemented in an attempt to speed up the processing of drawings.  These improvements come at great expense and only provide a marginal gain in the amount of time it takes to actually complete a drawing.  This expensive hardware is often underutilized as the operator wastes time doing repetitive tasks in the struggle to finalize a drawing.

If you do only one upgrade to your system this year, it should be the implementation of productivity software. Our ToolPac product was designed to eliminate the numerous bottlenecks in AutoCAD and BricsCAD. It contains over 750 functions designed with one purpose in mind, to save you time.

ToolPac is in use today by thousands of architects, engineers, and designers! This comprehensive collection of productivity tools works with AutoCAD 2007 or higher (LT not supported) or BricsCAD v12 Pro or higher.  It works equally well in all environments, including Architectural, Engineering, Civil, Mechanical and Design.

More info
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Восстановление и усиление железобетонных и каменных конструкций Bookware
Яковлева М.В., Коткова О.Н., Широков В.С. - Восстановление и усиление железобетонных и каменных конструкций

Форум, Инфра-М 2015
pdf, 192 pages, russian
ISBN: 978-5-00091-064-1

Восстановление и усиление железобетонных и каменных конструкций

Пособие предназначено для поверочных расчетов при оценке остаточного ресурса строительных конструкций и способов восстановления их несущей способности при выполнении практических занятий, а также для подготовки курсовых и выпускных квалификационных работ. В пособии рассмотрены основные виды усиления строительных конструкций. Приведены примеры расчета различных вариантов усиления с обоснованием их применения.

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Solidworks 2018 Learn by doing - Part 1 Bookware
Solidworks 2018 Learn by doing - Part 1

Tutorial Books, 2018
epub, 644 pages, english
ISBN: 978-1-38608-681-9

This book is the first part of SolidWorks 2018 Learn by doing. It includes the commands and techniques related Part Modeling, Assemblies, Drafting, and Sheet Metal.

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Geoscan Sputnik GIS v1.4.11208 Software
Geoscan Sputnik GIS v1.4.11208

Geoscan Sputnik GIS v1.4.11208

ГИС Спутник - специализированное программное обеспечение для решения задач геодезии, маркшейдерии и градостроительства. Система предоставляет профессионалам гибкий набор инструментов для решения узких отраслевых задач в полноценном трехмерном окружении. ГИС Спутник является эффективным инструментом визуализации и анализа разнородных пространственных данных. В бесплатной версии доступны функции просмотра и трехмерного анализа облаков точек, ортофотопланов, матриц высот, 3D моделей, растровых и векторных карт. ПО соответствует требованиям системы добровольной сертификации программного обеспечения маркшейдерских работ. Номер сертификата: СДС-ПО.RU.2018.С.0022
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