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Durability of Reinforced Concrete Structures Bookware
Paul Chess, Warren Green - Durability of Reinforced Concrete Structures

CRC Press, 2020
pdf, 149 pages, english
ISBN-13: 978-0-367-27838-0

Durability of Reinforced Concrete Structures

Reinforced concrete structures corrode as they age, with significant financial implications, but it is not immediately clear why some are more durable than others. This book looks at the mechanisms for corrosion and how corrosion engineering can be used for these problems to be minimized in future projects. Several different examples of reinforced concrete structures with corrosion problems are described and the various life enhancement solutions considered and applied are discussed. The book includes a chapter on the effectiveness of corrosion monitoring techniques and questions why the reality is at odds with current theory and standards.

Specialist contractors, consultants and owners of corrosion damaged structures will find this an extremely useful resource. It will also be a valuable reference for students at postgraduate level.
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REQUEST: Strand7 Webnotes Bookware
REQUEST: Strand7 Webnotes

Strand7 Webnotes are a comprehensive online library of resource materials covering Strand7 modelling, application, usage and installation, plus general background and theory of FEA. Access to the library is available to supported Strand7 users via a secure login and forms part of our Strand7 Support and Maintenance subscription service.

Ready to offer in return Strand7 version 2 and even not published yet version 3 fully keygenned.

REQUEST: Strand7 Webnotes




Almost all Webnotes are already collected. There are only a few webnotes left that MUST BE found!!!


Let's get busy and collect the rest!!!

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Principles of Structural Design Bookware
Ram S. Gupta - Principles of Structural Design. Wood, Steel, and Concrete. Third Edition

CRC Press, 2020
pdf, 619 pages, english
ISBN-13: 978-1-138-49353-7

Principles of Structural Design

Timber, steel, and concrete are common engineering materials used in structural design. Material choice depends upon the type of structure, availability of material, and the preference of the designer. The design practices the code requirements of each material are very different. In this updated edition, the elemental designs of individual components of each material are presented, together with theory of structures essential for the design. Numerous examples of complete structural designs have been included. A comprehensive database comprising materials properties, section properties, specifications, and design aids, has been included to make this essential reading.

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Advanced Steel Design of Structures 2020 Bookware
Srinivasan Chandrasekaran - Advanced Steel Design of Structures
AISC 358-20s2 - Prequalified Connections for Special and Intermediate Steel Moment Frames for Seismic Applications

CRC Press, 2020
pdf, 303 pages, english
ISBN-13: 978-0-367-23290-0

Advanced Steel Design of Structures 2020

Advanced Steel Design of Structures examines the design principles of steel members under special loads and covers special geometric forms and conditions not typically presented in standard design books. It explains advanced concepts in a simple manner using numerous illustrative examples and MATLAB codes.

  • Provides analysis of members under unsymmetrical bending
  • Includes coverage of structures with special geometry and their use in offshore applications for ultra-deep water oil and gas exploration
  • Presents numerical modeling and analysis of steel members under fire conditions, impact, and blast loads
  • Includes MATLAB examples that will aid in the capacity building of civil engineering students approaching this complex subject
Written for a broad audience, the presentation of design concepts of steel members will be suitable for upper-level undergraduate students. The advanced design theories for offshore structures under special loads will be an attractive feature for post-graduate students and researchers. Practicing engineers will also find the book useful, as it includes numerous solved examples and practical tutorials.
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Vibration Control for Building Structures, Theory and Applications Bookware
Aiqun Li - Vibration Control for Building Structures, Theory and Applications

Springer, 2020
pdf, 677 pages, english
ISBN 978-3-030-40789-6

Vibration Control for Building Structures, Theory and Applications

This book presents a comprehensive introduction to the field of structural vibration reduction control, but may also be used as a reference source for more advanced topics. The content is divided into four main parts: the basic principles of structural vibration reduction control, structural vibration reduction devices, structural vibration reduction design methods, and structural vibration reduction engineering practices. As the book strikes a balance between theoretical and practical aspects, it will appeal to researchers and practicing engineers alike, as well as graduate students.

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Dynamics of Structures, Theory and Applications to Earthquake Engineering, Fifth Edition in SI Units Bookware
Anil K. Chopra - Dynamics of Structures, Theory and Applications to Earthquake Engineering
Fifth Edition in SI Units

Pearson, 2020
pdf, 994 pages, english
ISBN-10: 1-29-224918-8
ISBN-13: 978-1-29-224918-6

An expert on structural dynamics and earthquake engineering, Anil K. Chopra fills an important niche, explaining the material in a manner suitable for both students and professional engineers with his fifth edition, in SI units of Dynamics of Structures: Theory and Applications to Earthquake Engineering. No prior knowledge of structural dynamics is assumed, and the presentation is detailed and integrated enough to make the text suitable for self-study.

As a textbook on vibrations and structural dynamics, this book has no competition. The material includes many topics in the theory of structural dynamics, along with applications of this theory to earthquake analysis, response, design, and evaluation of structures, with an emphasis on presenting this often difficult subject in as simple a manner as possible through numerous worked-out illustrative examples. The fifth edition, in  SI Edition includes new sections, figures, and examples, along with relevant updates and revisions.

New to this Edition. Updates, Improvements, and Expanded Sections in the fifth edition, in SI units.
- Two new sections have been added to Chapter 20, which is now more than twice its previous size. These additions were motivated by the increasing use of nonlinear response history analyses (RHAs) of buildings in professional practice.
- Individual chapter updates and revisions include:
--- Chapter 13 has been extended to include a response-spectrum-based method to estimate principal stresses in continuum structures, such as concrete dams.
--- Chapters 7, 9, and 18 have been expanded to include P—analysis of gravity load effects and an introduction to their influence on the lateral response, permanent deformation, and collapse of structures.
--- Chapter 11 has been revised to include recent data on damping ratios determined by system-identification analysis of motions of 203 buildings recorded during earthquakes. New recommendations for estimating damping ratios to be used in earthquake analysis of structures are presented.
--- Chapters 22 and 23 have been updated to reflect the current editions of building codes for designing new buildings, and of performance-based guidelines and standards for evaluating existing buildings.
- Many new figures, several worked-out examples, and end-of-chapter problems have been added.
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Heat and Mass Transfer - Fundamentals Bookware
Yunus A. Cengel - Heat and Mass Transfer. Fundamental and Application. 2nd Edition.

2002 year
pdf, 1300 pages, english

Heat and Mass Transfer - Fundamentals

This manual is prepared as an aide to the instructors in correcting homework assignments, but it can also be used as a source of additional example problems for use in the classroom. With this in mind, all solutions are prepared in full detail in a systematic manner, using a word processor with an equation editor. The solutions are structured into the following sections to make it easy to locate information and to follow the solution procedure, as appropriate:

  • Solution - The problem is posed, and the quantities to be found are stated.
  • Assumptions - The significant assumptions in solving the problem are stated.
  • Properties - The material properties needed to solve the problem are listed.
  • Analysis - The problem is solved in a systematic manner, showing all steps.
  • Discussion - Comments are made on the results, as appropriate.
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Schlumberger Petrel Reservoir Engineering 3 Day Course Bookware
Schlumberger Petrel Reservoir Engineering 3 Day Course

Schlumberger Petrel Reservoir Engineering 3 Day Course

This course is designed to acquaint reservoir engineers and asset teams to the interactive Petrel reservoir engineering tools used for the construction of simulation models. In this course, you will build a 3D simulation model inside Petrel based on a geological input data, add wells and well control rules, create black oil fluid models and rock physics functions and submit the model to the simulators. The practical application of most of the available tools in Petrel used for a typical reservoir engineering workflow is discussed and illustrated in the exercises. The manual is structured in modules with relevant lessons and exercises to help practice the lessons learned in each module. Overall, preprocessing and post-processing of simulation data is done within the Petrel modeling environment.

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The essentials of log interpretation practice Bookware
Schlumberger, 1972 - The essentials of log interpretation practice

On exploration wells, after the logs have been made, some quick answers are needed: what formations are potential hydrocarbon producers? Will it be gas or oil? Approximate volumetric evaluation? In the case of development wells, the main interest usually is for an accurate evaluation of the volume of hydrocarbons.

In some cases the logs provide obvious answers to this type of question. More often. a study of the logs is needed; it can be a 'quick look' interpretation when rapid answers are needed; it can be a detailed analysis, 'manual' or computer-processed, when an accurate quantitative evaluation is required. In all cases log interpretation requires a good knowledge of the behaviour of the logging tools and of their limitations.

Description of the logging tools is given in this book.
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Basic Open-Hole Log Analysis In Clastic Reservoirs Bookware
Schlumberger, 1990 - Basic Open-Hole Log Analysis In Clastic Reservoirs

Basic Open-Hole Log Analysis In Clastic Reservoirs

Well logs present a concise, detailed plot of formation parameters versus depth. From these plots, interpreters can identify lithologies, differentiate between porous and nonporous rock and quickly recognize pay zones in subsurface formations. The ability to interpret a log lies in recognizing the significance of each measurement. Old school geologist theory & practice ...

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