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Marc Borremans - Pumps & Compressors Bookware
Marc Borremans - Pumps & Compressors

Wiley - ASME Press Series, 2019
pdf, 498 pages, english
ISBN: 978-1-119-534204

Marc Borremans - Pumps & Compressors

A practical guide to the majority of pumps and compressors used in engineering applications. Pumps and compressors are ubiquitous in industry, used in manufacturing, processing and chemical plant, HVAC installations, aerospace propulsion systems, medical applications, and everywhere else where there is a need to pump liquids, or circulate or compress gasses. This well-illustrated handbook covers the basic function, performance, and applications for the most widely used pump and compressor types available on the market today. It explains how each device operates and includes the governing mathematics needed to calculate device performance such as flow rates and compression. Additionally, real-world issues such as cavitation, and priming are covered. Pumps & Compressors is divided into two sections, each of which offers a notation of variables and an introduction. The Pumps section covers piston pumps, radial turbopumps, axial turbopumps, rotating pumps, hydraulic pumps, and pumps with driving flow. The Compressors section covers piston compressors, rotating compressors, turbo compressors, ejectors, vacuum pumps, and compressors for cooling purposes. A virtual encyclopedia of all pumps and compressors that describes the mechanics of all devices and the theory, mathematics, and formulas governing their function. Allows the reader to develop the skills needed to confidently select the appropriate pump or compressor type and specification for their applications. Pumps & Compressors is an excellent text for courses on pumps and compressors, as well as a valuable reference for professional engineers and laymen seeking knowledge on the topic.

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SLB Services Catalog & The Rxo Log Bookware
SLB Services Catalog & The Rxo Log

SLB Services Catalog & The Rxo Log

For old school geologist.

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BIM for Design Firms: Data Rich Architecture at Small and Medium Scales Bookware
François Levy, Jeffrey W. Ouellette - BIM for Design Firms: Data Rich Architecture at Small and Medium Scales

Wiley, 2019
pdf, 229 pages, english
ISBN: 978-1-119-25283-2

BIM for Design Firms: Data Rich Architecture at Small and Medium Scales

This book expands on BIM (Building Information Modeling), showing its applicability to a range of design-oriented projects. It emphasizes the full impact that a data modeling tool has on design processes, systems, and the high level of collaboration required across the design team. It also explains the quantitative analysis opportunities that BIM affords for sustainable design and for balancing competing design agendas, while highlighting the benefits BIM offers to designing in 3D for construction. The book concludes with a deep look at the possible future of BIM and digitally-enhanced design.

Through clear explanation of the processes involved and compelling case studies of design-oriented projects presented with full-color illustrations, BIM for Design Firms: Data Rich Architecture at Small and Medium Scales proves that the power of BIM is far more than an improved documentation and sharing environment. It offers chapters that discuss a broad range of digital design, including problems with BIM, how readers can leverage BIM workflows for complex projects, the way BIM is taught, and more.
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Process Capability Analysis: Estimating Quality Bookware
Neil W. Polhemus - Process Capability Analysis: Estimating Quality
+ docs & webinars
CRC Press, 2018
pdf, 285 pages, english
ISBN: 978-1-138-03015-2

Process Capability Analysis: Estimating Quality presents a systematic exploration of process capability analysis and how it may be used to estimate quality. The book is designed for practitioners who are tasked with insuring a high level of quality for the products and services offered by their organizations. Along with describing the necessary statistical theory, the book illustrates the practical application of the techniques to data that do not always satisfy the standard assumptions. The first two chapters deal with attribute data, where the estimation of quality is restricted to counts of nonconformities. Both classical and Bayesian methods are discussed. The rest of the book deals with variable data, including extensive discussions of both capability indices and statistical tolerance limits. Considerable emphasis is placed on methods for handling non-normal data. Also included are discussions of topics often omitted in discussions of process capability, including multivariate capability indices, multivariate tolerance limits, and capability control charts. A separate chapter deals with the problem of determining adequate sample sizes for estimating process capability.

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Mechanical Design and Manufacture of Hydraulic Machinery Bookware
Mei Zu-yan - Mechanical Design and Manufacture of Hydraulic Machinery

Routledge, 2016
pdf, 563 pages, english
ISBN 13: 978-1-85628-820-0 (hbk)
ISBN 13: 978-1-138-26897-5 (pbk)

Mechanical Design and Manufacture of Hydraulic Machinery

This volume in the Hydraulic Machinery Book Series covers the most important types of hydraulic machinery: hydraulic turbines for transforming water power to mechanical output; and pumps for producing fluid pressure for many purposes. It describes the features of mechanical design of various types of turbines and pumps. The structure of a hydraulic machine is decided primarily to satisfy the need of fluid flow, so hydraulic characteristics of the machines are also stressed. Manufacturing processes of turbines and pumps and their requirements are referred to in chapters on mechanical construction.

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Process Plant Layout, Second Edition Bookware
Sean Moran - Process Plant Layout, Second Edition
Elsevier, 2017
pdf, 758 pages, english
ISBN: 978-0-12-803355-5

Process Plant Layout, Second Edition

Process Plant Layout, Second Edition, explains the methodologies used by professional designers to layout process equipment and pipework, plots, plants, sites, and their corresponding environmental features in a safe, economical way. It is supported with tables of separation distances, rules of thumb, and codes of practice and standards. The book includes more than seventy-five case studies on what can go wrong when layout is not properly considered. Sean Moran has thoroughly rewritten and re-illustrated this book to reflect advances in technology and best practices, for example, changes in how designers balance layout density with cost, operability, and safety considerations.

Key Features:
  • Based on interviews with over 200 professional process plant designers.
  • Explains multiple plant layout methodologies used by professional process engineers, piping engineers, and process architects.
  • Includes advice on how to choose and use the latest CAD tools for plant layout.
  • Ensures that all methodologies integrate to comply with worldwide risk management legislation.
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SolidWorks 2018 for Designers (16th Edition) Bookware
Sham Tickooo - SolidWorks 2018 for Designers (16th Edition)

CADCIM Technologies, 2018
pdf, 1987 pages, english
ISBN 978-1-64057-009-2

SolidWorks 2018 for Designers (16th Edition)

SolidWorks 2018 for Designers book is written to help the readers effectively use the modeling and assembly tools by utilizing the parametric and feature based approach of SolidWorks 2018. This book provides detailed description of the tools that are commonly used in modeling, assembly, and sheet metal as well as in surfacing. The SolidWorks 2018 for Designers book further elaborates on the procedure of generating the drawings of a model or assembly, which are used for documentation of a model or assembly. Special emphasis has been laid on the introduction of concepts, which have been explained using text, along with graphical examples. The examples and tutorials used in this book ensure that the users can relate the information provided in this textbook with the practical industry designs. SolidWorks 2018 for Designers consists of 21 chapters that are organized in a pedagogical sequence. The author has followed the tutorial approach to explain the concepts of SolidWorks 2018. Detailed explanation of SolidWorks 2018 tools. The first page of every chapter summarizes the topics that are covered in it. Consists of hundreds of illustrations and a comprehensive coverage of SolidWorks 2018 concepts and techniques. Step-by-step instructions that guide the users through the learning process. Several real-world mechanical engineering designs as tutorials and projects. Additional information is provided throughout the book in the form of notes and tips. Self-Evaluation Tests and Review Questions are given at the end of chapters so that the users can assess their knowledge.

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Siemens FEMAP literature Bookware
Siemens FEMAP literature

Siemens FEMAP literature

FEMAP Tips and Tricks, FEMAP User Guide, Introduction to FEMAP, FEMAP - Геометрическое и конечно-элементное моделирование конструкций.

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Geosystems: An Introduction to Physical Geography, 10th Edition Bookware
Robert Christopherson, Ginger Birkeland - Geosystems: An Introduction to Physical Geography, 10th Edition

Pearson, 2018
pdf, 694 pages, english
ISBN-13: 9780134642512

Geosystems: An Introduction to Physical Geography, 10th Edition

Among the most highly regarded texts in physical geography, Robert Christopherson’s best-selling Geosystems: An Introduction to Physical Geography is known for its meticulous attention to detail, up-to-date accuracy, and rich integration of climate change science. Uniquely organized, the text presents Earth systems topics as they naturally occur: atmosphere, hydrosphere, lithosphere, and biosphere. This interconnected and organic systems-based approach is highlighted in strong pedagogical tools, a structured learning path, and current, updated information. The 10th Edition includes new features and activities that help students apply geography to the real world, revised infographics, and new exercises designed to enhance learning.

Mastering Geography is an online homework, tutorial, and assessment product proven to improve results by helping students quickly master concepts. Students benefit from self-paced coaching activities that feature personalized wrong-answer feedback and hints that emulate the office-hour experience and help keep students on track. With a wide range of interactive, engaging, and assignable activities, students are encouraged to actively learn and retain challenging physical geography concepts.
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Golden Sofware User Guide Manuals Bookware
Golden Sofware User Guide Manuals

Golden Sofware User Guide Manuals

eBooks: Golden Software Didger v5.x, Golden Software Grapher v13.x, Golden Software MapViewer v8.x, Golden Software Strater v4, Golden Software Surfer v16 (added), v15, Golden Software Voxler v4
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