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Seismic Reservoir Modeling Bookware
Dario Grana, Tapan Mukerji, Philippe Doyen - Seismic Reservoir Modeling, Theory, Examples, and Algorithms

Wiley-Blackwell, 2021
pdf, 259 pages, english
ISBN: 978-1-119-08618-5

Seismic Reservoir Modeling

Seismic reservoir characterization aims to build 3-dimensional models of rock and fluid properties, including elastic and petrophysical variables, to describe and monitor the state of the subsurface for hydrocarbon exploration and production and for CO₂ sequestration. Rock physics modeling and seismic wave propagation theory provide a set of physical equations to predict the seismic response of subsurface rocks based on their elastic and petrophysical properties. However, the rock and fluid properties are generally unknown and surface geophysical measurements are often the only available data to constrain reservoir models far away from well control. Therefore, reservoir properties are generally estimated from geophysical data as a solution of an inverse problem, by combining rock physics and seismic models with inverse theory and geostatistical methods, in the context of the geological modeling of the subsurface. A probabilistic approach to the inverse problem provides the probability distribution of rock and fluid properties given the measured geophysical data and allows quantifying the uncertainty of the predicted results. The reservoir characterization problem includes both discrete properties, such as facies or rock types, and continuous properties, such as porosity, mineral volumes, fluid saturations, seismic velocities and density.  

Seismic Reservoir Modeling: Theory, Examples and Algorithms presents the main concepts and methods of seismic reservoir characterization. The book presents an overview of rock physics models that link the petrophysical properties to the elastic properties in porous rocks and a review of the most common geostatistical methods to interpolate and simulate multiple realizations of subsurface properties conditioned on a limited number of direct and indirect measurements based on spatial correlation models. The core of the book focuses on Bayesian inverse methods for the prediction of elastic petrophysical properties from seismic data using analytical and numerical statistical methods. The authors present basic and advanced methodologies of the current state of the art in seismic reservoir characterization and illustrate them through expository examples as well as real data applications to hydrocarbon reservoirs and CO₂ sequestration studies.
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Modelling Emergency Situations in the Drilling of Deep Boreholes Bookware
Valery Gulyayev, Sergii Glazunov, Olga Glushakova,
Elena Vashchilina, Lyudmyla Shevchuk, Nataliya Shlyun, Elena Andrusenko -

Modelling Emergency Situations in the Drilling of Deep Boreholes

Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2019
pdf, 515 pages, english
ISBN-10: 1-5275-4020-0

The era of easily acquiring oil and gas is over. Now, to extract these resources, deep vertical and curvilinear, off-shore and ground-based boreholes are drilled in inclement climate conditions and in complex heterogeneous tectonic rocks. Additional novelties have also been assimilated into these technologies by the shale revolution. The techniques and methods of borehole drivage are developing so fast that scientific understanding and substantiation have no time to refine them. Therefore, as a rule, different unpredictable emergency effects and overall failures accompany these procedures. The gravest of these are buckling of the drill strings, their resonant vibrations, their sticking during dragging and twisting, the self-triggering of torsional relaxation vibration, and the self-excitation of forward, backward, and superfast bit whirlings. To analyze these phenomena, this volume elaborates new mathematic models and numerical methods. On the basis of these, a special software was created, which allowed new results concerning the peculiarities of the affected phenomena to be achieved. The book will be of interest to borehole designers and specialists in mechanics and applied mathematics.

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Gas Engineering Vol. 1: Origin and Reservoir Engineering Bookware
James G. Speight - Gas Engineering Vol. 1: Origin and Reservoir Engineering

De Gruyter, 2021
pdf, 488 pages, english
ISBN: 978-3-11-069089-7

The three volumes cover the full range of origin, properties and uses of gases. Part 1 presents new technology and discusses future potential for reservoir engineering.

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Алгоритмы ГИС Bookware
Нинчуань Сяо -  Алгоритмы ГИС
Теория применения геоинформационных систем и технологий

ДМК, 2021
pdf, 329 pages, russian
ISBN: 978-5-97060-908-8

Алгоритмы ГИС

Географические информационные системы (ГИС) приобретают все большее значение, помогая нам понять сложную социальную, экономическую и природную динамику в ситуациях, где ключевую роль играют пространственные компоненты. Однако фундаментальные алгоритмы, применяемые в ГИС, трудны для понимания и преподавания, отчасти из-за отсутствия логически последовательного изложения. Настоящая книга – попытка решить эту проблему за счет сочетания строгого формализованного языка с практическими примерами и упражнениями. Теоретический материал подкрепляется кодом на популярном языке программирования Python. Благодаря развернутому описанию многих упоминаемых алгоритмов эта книга может стать новым учебником для студентов, изучающих этот сложный и важный раздел географии.

Автор выделяет три основных направления в ГИС:
  • геометрические алгоритмы;
  • индексирование пространственных данных;
  • пространственный анализ и моделирование.
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Computational Fluid Dynamics for Mechanical Engineering Bookware
George Qin - Computational Fluid Dynamics for Mechanical Engineering

CRC Press, 2022
pdf, 385 pages, english
ISBN: 978-0-367-68729-8

Computational Fluid Dynamics for Mechanical Engineering

This textbook presents the basic methods, numerical schemes, and algorithms of computational fluid dynamics (CFD). Readers will learn to compose MATLAB programs to solve realistic fluid flow problems. Newer research results on the stability and boundedness of various numerical schemes are incorporated. The book emphasizes large eddy simulation (LES) in the chapter on turbulent flow simulation besides the two-equation models. Volume of fraction (VOF) and level-set methods are the focus of the chapter on two-phase flows. The textbook was written for a first course in computational fluid dynamics (CFD) taken by undergraduate students in a Mechanical Engineering major.

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BP Exploration Multiphase Design Manual Bookware
BP Exploration Multiphase Design Manual

BP Exploration
pdf, 547 pages, english

This is a reference manual of design methods for multiphase oil and gas production systems.

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RETHINK Design Guide - Architecture for a post-pandemic world Bookware
Nicola Gillen, Pippa Nissen, Julia Park, Adam Scott, Sumita Singha, Helen Taylor, Ian Taylor, Sarah Featherstone -
RETHINK Design Guide - Architecture for a post-pandemic world

RIBA Publishing, 2021
epub, 244 pages, english
ISBN: 978-1-85946-980-4

RETHINK Design Guide - Architecture for a post-pandemic world

The world has changed. How will society emerge post-pandemic? Will we take the opportunity to reset the status quo? And, if so, what possibilities are there for architects to take the initiative in designing this new world? This innovative design guide draws together expert guidance on designing in the immediate aftermath of the pandemic for key architectural sectors: housing, workplace, civic and cultural, hospitality, education, infrastructure and civic placemaking. It provides design inspiration to architects on how they can respond to the challenges and opportunities of a post-pandemic environment and how architects ensure they are at the forefront of the best design in this new world. Looking at each sector in turn, it covers the challenges specific to each, and how delivering these designs might differ from the pre-pandemic world. As well as post-pandemic design, the vital issue of climate change will be threaded through each sector, with many cross-overs between designing for the climate emergency and designing for a world after a pandemic. Both seek to make the world a safer, happier and more resilient place. Written by set of contributing design experts, this book is for all architects, whether sole practitioners or working in a larger practice. As well as inspirational design guidance, it also provides client perspectives – crucial for understanding how clients are planning for the future too.

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Handbook of Multiphase Flow Assurance Bookware
Taras Makogon - Handbook of Multiphase Flow Assurance

Elsevier, 2019
pdf, 479 pages, english
ISBN: 978-0-12-813062-9

Handbook of Multiphase Flow Assurance

Handbook of Multiphase Flow Assurance allows readers to progress in their understanding of basic phenomena and complex operating challenges. The book starts with the fundamentals, but then goes on to discuss phase behavior, fluid sampling, fluid flow properties and fluid characterization. It also covers flow assurance impedance, deliverability, stability and integrity issues, as well as hydraulic, thermal and risk analysis. The inclusion of case studies and references helps provide an industrial focus and practical application that makes the book a novel resource for flow assurance management and an introductory reference for engineers just entering the field of flow assurance.

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Applied Multiphase Flow in Pipes and Flow Assurance Bookware
Eissa M. Al-Safran, James P. Brill - Applied Multiphase Flow in Pipes and Flow Assurance - Oil and Gas Production

Society of Petroleum Engineers, 2017
epub, 358 pages, english
ISBN: 978-1-61399-492-4

Applied Multiphase Flow in Pipes and Flow Assurance

Applied Multiphase Flow in Pipes and Flow Assurance - Oil and Gas Production delivers the most recent advancements in multiphase flow technology while remaining easy to read and appropriate for undergraduate and graduate petroleum engineering students. Responding to the need for a more up-to-the-minute resource, this highly anticipated new book represents applications on the fundamentals with new material on heat transfer in production systems, flow assurance, transient multiphase flow in pipes and the TUFFP unified model. The complex computation procedure of mechanistic models is simplified through solution flowcharts and several example problems.  Containing over 50 solved example problems and 140 homework problems, this new book will equip engineers with the skills necessary to use the latest steady-state simulators available.

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Manufacturing Engineering and Technology Bookware
Serope Kalpakjian, Steven Schmid, Vijay Sekar - Manufacturing Engineering and Technology
SI Edition, 7-th Edition

Pearson, 2021
pdf, 1214 pages, english
ISBN-10: 9810694067

Manufacturing Engineering and Technology

An excellent overview of manufacturing concepts is provided with a balance of relevant fundamentals and real-world practices. Coverage of the latest technological advances, like rapid prototyping, the most dramatic change in manufacturing in recent years. Also includes coverage of nanofabrication, rapid tooling, and semisolid metalworking (Chapter 20) Lists and process comparisons give students a through look at manufacturing processes and operations. The chapters on specific groups of manufacturing processes and operations feature lists of typical parts produced by the processes described in the chapter, as well as a list of competing and alternative processes to produce the same types of parts. Four kinds of end-of-chapter problems help reinforce concepts in each chapter: Review Questions; Qualitative Problems; Quantitative Problems; and Synthesis, Design, and Projects. Comprehensive bibliographies are far more complete than any other manufacturing textbooks.

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