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Trip Generation Manual, 11 Edition Bookware
Institute of Transportation Engineers - Trip Generation Manual, 11 Edition

Trip Generation Manual, 11 Edition

Trip Generation Manual, 11 Edition is a publication of the Institute of Transportation Engineers (ITE). Trip Generation Manual is an educational tool for planners, transportation professionals, zoning boards, and others who are interested in estimating trip generation at a proposed development.

Trip Generation Manual includes a complete set of searchable electronic files including land use descriptions and data plots for all available combinations of land uses, time periods, independent variables, and settings. Data contained in Trip Generation Manual are presented for informational purposes only and do not include ITE recommendations on the best course of action or the preferred application of the data. The information is based on trip generation studies submitted voluntarily to ITE by public agencies, developers, consulting firms, student chapters, and associations.

Trip Generation Manual provides access for users to the ITETripGen web app. This desktop application allows electronic access to the entire trip generation dataset with numerous filtering capabilities including site setting (i.e., rural, general urban/suburban, dense multi-use urban, center city core), geographic location, age of data, and development size. Instructions for using ITETripGen are included within the app.

Additional data are needed from the profession to create a data-rich environment for trip generation analysis. ITE will continue to prepare updates to Trip Generation Manual.

User comments on Trip Generation Manual are invited. ITE continually seeks ways to increase the value of this document and requests that users provide recently collected data for the land uses presented in Trip Generation Manual or any other land uses for inclusion in future editions and updates.

Although this report provides a powerful tool to better understand site-generated vehicle and person trips, it contains information that can also be easily misinterpreted without sound professional judgment. Users are cautioned to use professional judgment in applying all data contained in this report. They also need to be cognizant of site and area characteristics that can affect trip generation (e.g., availability of transit services, demand management strategies, parking pricing) and of the continued need for additional data. Lack of appreciation of these factors may lead to an inaccurate estimate of vehicle and person trip generation and ultimately the improper design of person and vehicle site access.

The 11th edition is a four (4) volume printed set that features:
  • All the latest multimodal trip generation data for urban, suburban and rural applications.
  • Reclassified land uses to better meet user needs.
  • Copies of all land use definitions, plots and supporting materials.
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Mastering ArcGIS Pro, Second Edition Bookware
Maribeth Price - Mastering ArcGIS Pro, Second Edition

McGraw Hill, 2023
epub, 436 pages, english
ISBN: 978-1-265-12771-8

Mastering ArcGIS Pro, Second Edition

Mastering ArcGIS Pro introduces the basic ideas behind GIS, teaching the concepts and skills needed to enter this rapidly evolving industry or use GIS in your current discipline. Based on the widely used ArcGIS software developed by Esri, Inc., this text integrates learning fundamental concepts with practicing software skills and is suitable for classroom use or for professionals studying independently.

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Дьяков Б. Н. - Геодезия Bookware
Дьяков Б. Н. - Геодезия

Лань, 2022
pdf, 417 pages, russian
ISBN: 978-5-8114-9235-0

Дьяков Б. Н. - Геодезия

Учебник написан в соответствии с рабочей программой учебной дисциплины «Геодезия» для студентов высших учебных заведений, обучающихся по направлению подготовки бакалавриата «Землеустройство и кадастры». Текст учебника включает 11 глав, в которых приведены общие сведения о геодезии, подробно изложены методы определения прямоугольных координат точек, включая новый метод — произвольная линейно-угловая сеть, описаны приборы и методики измерения углов, расстояний, превышений, рассмотрены методы крупномасштабных топографических съёмок с целью получения топографических планов для проведения инженерных изысканий и проектирования инженерных сооружений, описаны способы определения площади участков с оценкой её точности. Кроме того, изложены начальные сведения из инженерной геодезии и рассмотрена в авторской интерпретации новая для учебников тема «надёжность геодезических построений». Учебник предназначен для студентов высших учебных заведений, обучающихся по направлению подготовки бакалавриата «Землеустройство и кадастры», специалитета «Прикладная геология», «Технология геологической разведки», «Горное дело».

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Highway Engineering: Planning, Design, and Operations, 2nd Edition Bookware
Daniel Findley, Christopher Cunningham, Thomas Brown, Lorraine Cahill, Guangchuan Yang, Leta Huntsinger -
Highway Engineering: Planning, Design, and Operations, 2nd Edition

Elsevier, 2022
pdf, 740 pages, english
ISBN: 978-0-12-822185-3

Highway Engineering: Planning, Design, and Operations, 2nd Edition

Highway Engineering: Planning, Design, and Operations, Second Edition, presents a clear and rigorous exposition of highway engineering concepts, including project development and the relationship between planning, operations, safety and highway types. The book includes important topics such as corridor selection and traverses, horizontal and vertical alignment, design controls, basic roadway design, cross section elements, intersection and interchange design, and the integration of new vehicle technologies and trends. It also presents end of chapter exercises to further aid understanding and learning. This edition has been fully updated with the current design policies and reference manuals essential for highway, transportation, and civil engineers who are required to work to these standards.

Key Features
  • Provides an updated resource on current design standards from the Highway Capacity Manual and the Green Book.
  • Covers fundamental traffic flow relationships and traffic impact analysis, collision analysis, road safety audits and advisory speeds.
  • Presents the latest applications and engineering considerations for highway planning, design and construction.
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Innovative Bridge Design Handbook, 2nd Edition Bookware
Alessio Pipinato - Innovative Bridge Design Handbook
Construction, Rehabilitation and Maintenance
2nd Edition

Elsevier, 2022
pdf, 1048 pages, english
ISBN: 978-0-12-823550-8

As known, each bridge presents a unique set of design, construction, and maintenance challenges. The designer must determine the appropriate methods and level of refinement necessary to design and analyze each bridge on a case-by-case basis. The Innovative Bridge Design Handbook: Construction, Rehabilitation, and Maintenance encompasses the state of the art in bridge design, construction, maintenance, and safety assessment. Written by an international group of experts, this book provides innovative design approaches used in various parts of the world and explores concepts in design, construction, and maintenance that will reduce project costs and increase structural safety and durability. Furthermore, research and innovative solutions are described throughout chapters.

The Innovative Bridge Design Handbook: Construction, Rehabilitation, and Maintenance brings together the specific knowledge of a bevy of experts and academics in bridge engineering in the areas of design, assessment, research, and construction. The handbook begins with an analysis of the history and development of bridge aesthetics and design; various types of loads including seismic and wind loads are then described, together with fatigue and fracture. Bridge design based on material such as reinforced concrete, prestressed reinforced concrete, steel and composite, timber, masonry bridges is analyzed and detailed according to international codes and standards. Then bridge design based on geometry, such as arch bridges, girders, cable stayed and suspension bridges, is illustrated. This is followed by a discussion of a number of special topics, including integral, movable, highway and railway bridges, together with seismic component devices, cables, orthotropic decks, foundations, and case studies. Finally, bridge construction equipment, bridge assessment retrofit and management, bridge monitoring, fiber-reinforced polymers to reinforce bridges, bridge collapse issues are covered.
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Construction Materials Methods and Techniques Bookware
Eva Kultermann, William Spence - Construction Materials Methods and Techniques

Cengage, 2022
pdf, 914 pages, english
ISBN10: 0-357-51383-5
ISBN13: 978-0-357-51383-5

Get a thorough overview of sustainable methods for site, residential and commercial building construction with this comprehensive text, which covers both traditional and contemporary materials, current industry standards and new and emerging technologies. The only text organized according to the Construction Specifications Institute (CSI) MasterFormat standards, CONSTRUCTION MATERIALS, METHODS AND TECHNIQUES: BUILDING FOR A SUSTAINABLE FUTURE, Fifth Edition, features a reader-friendly style and logical structure, which follows the construction process step-by-step from project inception to completion.

The new edition provides up-to-date coverage of dramatic changes underway in the construction industry, including advances in pre-fabricated construction; increased use of drones, robotics and artificial intelligence; net-zero buildings and lean construction. You'll learn about key current industry developments and standards, as well as latest relevant building codes, all presented within a dynamic, richly illustrated new design. Beyond the text itself, you can access a wealth of helpful learning resources to help you gain a clear understanding of today's construction materials, methods and techniques, providing a critical foundation for your career success.
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The Complete STAAD.Pro Course For Structural Engineers Bookware
Udemy - The Complete STAAD.Pro Course For Structural Engineers - Part 1,2,3

The Complete STAAD.Pro Course For Structural Engineers

Nothing to add.

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Water Systems Analysis, Design, and Planning Bookware
Mohammad Karamouz - Water Systems Analysis, Design, and Planning

CRC Press, 2022
pdf, 959 pages, english
ISBN: 978-0-367-52845-4

Water Systems Analysis, Design, and Planning

This book presents three distinct pillars for analysis, design, and planning: urban water cycle and variability as the state of water being; landscape architecture as the medium for built-by-design; and total systems as the planning approach. The increasing demand for water and urban and industrial expansions have caused myriad environmental, social, economic, and political predicaments. More frequent and severe floods and droughts have changed the resiliency and ability of water infrastructure systems to operate and provide services to the public. These concerns and issues have also changed the way we plan and manage our water resources.

Focusing on urban challenges and contexts, the book provides foundational information regarding water science and engineering while also examining topics relating to urban stormwater, water supply, and wastewater infrastructures. It also addresses critical emerging issues such as simulation and economic modeling, flood resiliency, environmental visualization, satellite data applications, and digital data model (DEM) advancements.

  • Explores various theoretical, practical, and real-world applications of system analysis, design, and planning of urban water infrastructures.
  • Discusses hydrology, hydraulics, and basic laws of water flow movement through natural and constructed environments.
  • Describes a wide range of novel topics ranging from water assets, water economics, systems analysis, risk, reliability, and disaster management.
  • Examines the details of hydrologic and hydrodynamic modeling and simulation of conceptual and data-driven models.
  • Delineates flood resiliency, environmental visualization, pattern recognition, and machine learning attributes.Explores a compilation of tools and emerging techniques that elevate the reader to a higher plateau in water and environmental systems management.
Water Systems Analysis, Design, and Planning: Urban Infrastructure serves as a useful resource for advanced undergraduate and graduate students taking courses in the areas of water resources and systems analysis, as well as practicing engineers and landscape professionals.
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GIS Tutorial for ArcGIS Pro 2.8, 4th Edition Bookware
Wilpen Gorr, Kristen Kurland - GIS Tutorial for ArcGIS Pro 2.8, 4th Edition

Esri Press, 2021
pdf, 263 pages, english
ISBN: 9781589486805

GIS Tutorial for ArcGIS Pro 2.8, 4th Edition

Updated for the latest version of ArcGIS Pro, GIS Tutorial for ArcGIS Pro 2.8 is the book of choice for classrooms and self-learners seeking to begin or grow their expertise using Esri’s premier desktop geographic information system (GIS) technology.

This fourth edition features newly revised geocoding workflows. Students will find simplified steps and figures that match the 2.8 interface. When finished, readers will have learned how to make maps; find, create, and analyze data; and manage operational systems while using ArcGIS Pro, ArcGIS Online, ArcGIS StoryMaps, ArcGIS Dashboards, ArcGIS Collector, and more.

Free downloadable video lectures and lecture slides boost learning outcomes. Additional instructor resources augment instruction.

Since 2005, Carnegie Mellon educators Kristen Kurland and Wil Gorr have been sharing what works in their own teaching experiences. Their other titles include GIS Tutorial for Crime Analysis, GIS Tutorial for Health, and GIS Jumpstart for Health Professionals.
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Computational Multiphase Geomechanics Bookware
Fusao Oka, Sayuri Kimoto - Computational Multiphase Geomechanics

CRC Press, 2022
pdf, 355 pages, english
ISBN: 978-1-032-05955-6

Numerical methods are very powerful tools for use in geotechnical engineering, particularly in computational geotechnics. Interest is strong in the new field of multi-phase nature of geomaterials, and the area of computational geotechnics is expanding.

Alongside their companion volume Computational Modeling of Multiphase Geomaterials (CRC Press, 2012), Fusao Oka and Sayuri Kimoto cover recent progress in several key areas, such as air-water-soil mixture, cyclic constitutive models, anisotropic models, noncoaxial models, gradient models, compaction bands (a form of volumetric strain localization and strain localization under dynamic conditions), and the instability of unsaturated soils.

The text also includes applications of computational modeling to large-scale excavation of ground, liquefaction analysis of levees during earthquakes, methane hydrate development, and the characteristics of contamination using bentonite. The erosion of embankments due to seepage flow is also presented.
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