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Civil and Structural Computer Services MasterSeries 2019.13 Software
Civil and Structural Computer Services MasterSeries 2019.13 x64

Civil and Structural Computer Services MasterSeries 2019.13

MasterSeries is the UK's leading range of integrated structural analysis, design, drafting and detailing software with over 10,000 users worldwide. From the industry leading multi-material BIM enabled modelling and design environment to a collection of powerful stand-alone modules, MasterSeries features the most extensive range of technically advanced structural engineering software you'll find under one roof. For you, this means you get more done in one package, avoiding the need to swap between different incompatible software and entering the same data multiple times. No two businesses are the same, so why should their software be? That's why the MasterSeries product range is modular in nature, providing an extremely flexible and scalable software solution. In this way you aren't forced to buy a costly single large product, perhaps with many features you don't need. You simply combine the modules you need to create the ideal software solution to meet the demands of your business. And if those demands change and grow over time, you can update your software package to match it. What's more, with our multi user network based licencing system, you only need to increase the number of users on the modules where the demand is; saving you significant cost on potentially unnecessary duplicated software. No more of what you don’t need, everything that you do. MasterSeries is all about helping you get the job done. For over thirty years we've been working on the fine details to ensure the software has the depth of technical analysis and design capability you need to achieve your design objectives. Just look at the range and complexity of the client projects showcased on this website, and you can see that MasterSeries is delivering for the diverse needs of our customers in the most incredible and inspiring ways. We are fully committed to BIM and we see our customers saving time and reducing errors every day, through fast and reliable exchange of information to and from MasterSeries with other BIM products. MasterSeries is capable of integrating with other modelling software, including Revit, AutoCAD, and any other application that meets IFC standards. It’s a no-brainer: MasterSeries will save you time. A lot of time. Hand calculations that previously took the best part of a day to complete and check, can be zipped out in seconds with MasterSeries. Reviewing and revising output is a breeze. All in the knowledge that your designs are efficient and accurate. With over thirty years of providing structural engineers with the tools they need to create incredible design, MasterSeries has become an industry standard. From consulting engineers to steel fabricators, local authorities to design and build contractors; MasterSeries has been transforming the way engineers design and making businesses more profitable.

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