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MapText Label-Edit v5.3.0.249 Software
MapText Label-Edit v5.3.0.249

MapText Label-Edit v5.3.0.249

MapText Label-EZ is the program for automated labeling for paper and digital maps. Label-Edit is a toolbar within the third-party software suite. Label-Edit will be used in conjunction with one another to automatically create annotation features and manually manipulate them, as appropriate for the study. Once the panel(s) has been automatically annotated, you can use the Label-Edit tools to modify the visibility, placement, orientation, and properties of each annotation feature. Label-Edit also enables you to add leader lines to spatial features where necessary.

More info.
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MapText Label-EZ v5.3.0.273 Software
MapText Label-EZ v5.3.0.273

MapText Label-EZ v5.3.0.273

MapText Label-EZ is the program for automated labeling for paper and digital maps. Label-EZ is MapText’s flagship product. It places text on maps and charts automatically, without any human intervention, eliminating the need for manual text placement. Placement is in full conformance with applicable cartographic specifications and conventions – without text overlap, without ambiguity, and with a high degree of aesthetic quality. Conflict resolution is checked over all map layers. And when finished, Label-EZ automatically generates an index file. It is compatible with all major GIS systems.

More info.
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Сам себе Радуга!!! Software
Universal keygen for Prokon v2.6

Сам себе Радуга!!!

Эх, достали мы с вами за 5 лет спокойнейшего человека своими просьбами раз в 4 месяца обновить кейген для Прокона.

Вот вам инструмент. Верхнее центральное поле - срок действия лицензии. Имейте только ввиду, максимальный срок не должен превышать 4 полных месяца от текущей даты. Иначе Прокон не стартует. Пользуйтесь.
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PROKON v2.6.41 Software
PROKON v2.6.41 with SP from 25/03/2015
with new keygen up to July, 2015

PROKON v2.6.41

PROKON Structural Analysis and Design (Структурный анализ и дизайн) разработан командой профессиональных инженеров и предназначен для использования структурными инженерами и техниками. PROKON представляет собой набор нескольких десятков структурных анализов проектирования. Пакет имеет модульную природу, но его истинная сила заключается в тесной интеграции анализа и проектирования.

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raduga_fb ckInfo+ rev1 Software
raduga_fb ckInfo+ rev1

raduga_fb ckInfo+ rev1

Лучше, чем автор, о программе не скажет никто.

Ckinfo utility created / published by thewd to get information about Crypkey protected softwares. I would like to say that Сkinfo is excellent program. Ckinfo v1.14 can be used up to Crypkey version 7.6 protected softwares. Unfortunatelly, the constants Crypkey use are changed. Therefore Сkinfo cannot handle new versions of Crypkey.

I am not going to write / code / prepare new tool. Therefore, I have just changed / modified constants (384 pcs) in Ckinfo to be able to use for Crypkey versions 7.6 & 7.7.

Finally, I share with you instead of keeping for myself. I have thank to thewd again (also Bfox, bbuc, DimitarSerg from exelab forums) for such a great work / tool.


ckinfo+ rev1 - modifications & corrections:
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Bentley AutoPIPE Vessel (Microprotol) V8i SS1 Software
Bentley AutoPIPE Vessel (Microprotol) V8i SS1 build 12/02/2015

Bentley AutoPIPE Vessel (Microprotol) V8i SS1

AutoPIPE Vessel powered by Microprotol enables fully automatic workflows, including complete global codes and applied loadings for pressure vessels, heat exchangers, tanks, and air coolers, to deliver greater productivity, safer designs, cost effective manufacturing, and improved project collaboration. It is the the only application to perform truly optimized vessel design in minutes.

More info.
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Autodesk AutoCAD 2016 eng+rus Software
Autodesk AutoCAD 2016 x86+x64 eng+rus

Autodesk AutoCAD 2016 eng+rus

Autodesk AutoCAD является мировым лидером среди решений для 2D- и 3D-проектирования. Будучи более наглядным, 3D моделирование позволяет ускорить проектные работы и выпуск документации, совместно использовать модели и развивать новые идеи. Для AutoCAD доступны тысячи надстроек, что позволяет удовлетворить потребности самого широкого круга клиентов. 

О нововведениях 2016-й версии читаем тут.

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x-Force keygen for ALL Autodesk products v2016 Software
x-Force keygen for ALL Autodesk products v2016 x86+x64

Ну, что, господа. Опять март, опять месячник компании Автодеск ...


Как и прежде, во-первых, - инструмент. А уж завтрашнего дня пойдут релизы. Хотите, качайте от нас, хотите, с Автопарты ...


Product keys are in \product keys\pk.pdf

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Bentley MOSES SS2 V8i Enterprise Suite Software
Bentley MOSES SS2 V8i Enterprise Suite build 13.03.2015 x86+x64

Bentley MOSES SS2 V8i Enterprise Suite

MOSES is a software system for hydrostatic and hydrodynamic analysis of all types of offshore platforms and vessels. It is widely used for simulating and analyzing transportation and installation of offshore structures as well as performing design and in-place calculations on floating offshore systems.
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ConSteel v9.0 Software
ConSteel v9.0 build 19/03/2015

ConSteel v9.0

ConSteel provides a structural analysis software for the design office mainly involved in constructions of steel and composite structures. It covers all the phases of the design process: modeling; integrated analysis and standard design; detailed examination of cross-sections and structural joints; flexible documentation. The analysis and design approach of ConSteel utilizes entirely the most up-to-date methodologies of the modern structural standards treating the 3D structural model as a whole during the complete process. The unique interface between ConSteel and Tekla Structures, ConSteel and StruCad enables the user to export the full designed model including the placed joints reducing significantly the detailing costs. The ConSteel has been developed by a professional team of structural scientists, engineers and programmers being in daily connection with end user engineers. Our philosophy is to provide a unique flexibility in the direction of development for the users considering fully the most recent needs in their everyday work. The following chapters introduce the possibilities of ConSteel in more detail.

More info.
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