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IMSI DesignCAD 3D Max v19 Software
IMSI DesignCAD 3D Max v19

IMSI DesignCAD 3D Max v19
IMSI DesignCAD 3D Max - мощный программный пакет для 2D/3D моделирования. Позволяет быстро создавать нужные вам чертежи. Также есть возможность твердотельного моделирования и создания анимации и презентаций.

DesignCAD 3D Max is the ultimate beginner tool for creating precise, professional-quality drafting, modeling and animation. 2D drafting and 3D modeling have never been easier. Create professional-quality drafting, modeling and animation with ease and speed. With no previous CAD experience needed. Perfect for:
- Furniture
- Decks
- Floorplans and architectural drawings
- Engineering Layouts
- Electronic schematics
- plats, maps and elevations
- Toys, hobbies and 3D models

DesignCAD 3D Max has been improved to now include compatibility with AutoCAD layouts, and PaperSpace. In addition, there is expanded support of AutoCAD Layers, LineStyles, Views, Viewports and Blocks in both DXF and DWG file formats.

A new, intuitive Light Source menu allows you to easily define the lighting scheme of your drawing. Choose from multiple types of light sources and add up to 8 different lights to your drawing. Your renderings have never looked more stunning!
- Improved OpenGL lighting
- Choose light source type: Spot, Point & Directional
- Intensity: Ambient, Diffuse & Specular
- Direction: Horizontal and Vertical Angle

This integrated converter can scan in your paper drawings and convert them to editable CAD files saving you hours in design time.

All the new features have been exposed in this Enhanced Software Development Kit (SDK). In addition, DesignCAD 3D Max uses BasicCAD to create macros, Visual Basic and Visual C++ programming interfaces to create custom toolboxes, keystroke shortcuts and menus for faster access to your favorite tools!

Intuitive yet sophisticated editing tools, advanced geometric construction capabilities, drawing short cut keys and complete layer management make 2D drafting a breeze.
- Customizable tools and menus
- Software Development Kit
- Over 70 Hatch Patterns
- 13 Snaps

Access a full range of 3D modeling tools, including Box, Sphere, Hemisphere, Pyramid, Cylinder, Cone and Torus. Utilize Boolean operations including solid add, solid subtract, and slice to shape your 3D parts. Plus, powerful new grid options give you greater control and quality when adding surfaces to your models.
- Impressive animations
- Complex 3D rendering
- Materials and texture
- Transparency and fogging

Choose from over 10,000 included standard symbols and over 700 3D symbols, including 30 photorealistic 3D images. Plus, get access to millions of additional mechanical and architectural symbols with a FREE 3-month subscription to cadsymbols.com.

In DesignCAD 3D Max we've continued our "under the hood" improvements to drawing speed, interoperability and programmability.
- Improved Multiline Text
- Improved Diameter and Radius Dimension Tools
- New Trim & Extend Features - Trim only segments you've selected. Plus extend curves, splines, and bezier curves with a single click.
- Enhanced Software Development Kit (SDK)
- New Quadrant Snap - snap to the nearest quadrant point on a circle, arc or ellipse for fast, accurate drafting.
- New Circle Tangent to Line
- New Section Trim
- New Perimeter Calculation Command
- Improved Grid Display
- Improved User Interface
- Improved Filleting - accurately fillet single, double or multiple face intersections
- Five New AllCAD Macros. Use these macros to turn your creation of complex shapes into a simple click through process - including one that converts DesignCAD drawings to a file that can be directly imported and read by SketchUp!  
Perfect edge-loops based topology and rational polygon count makes this model usable both for hi-quality production render and for realtime rendering engines.
model used CharacterStudio4 biped+Physique, ready for animation. Facial animation provided by morpher modifier , some important morph targets are included.
Does not required any additional plugs. Render-ready. File also includes all shown garments.
also available in 3DS & DWG formats.
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