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Softree Optimal9 v9.0.463 Software
Softree Optimal9 v9.0.463 + Tutorials

Softree Optimal9 v9.0.463

Optimize Your Geometric Road Design. Estimate & Reduce Your Earthwork Costs. Design roads, highways, and corridors that cost less to build. Adding optimization software to your geometric design process allows you to deliver the lowest-cost design. It also allows you to design faster.

Softree Optimal is a patented alignment optimization program. It can optimize an alignment vertically and horizontally. Generate the lowest cost vertical alignment based on the ground surface, the preliminary horizontal alignment, and the design parameters and constraints entered by the user. Utilize new horizontal alignment optimization functionality to further refine and improve your design.

Optimize Your Corridor Design: Vertically and Horizontally
Consistently find the lowest-cost vertical alignment design that satisfies your design constraints & standards. Vertical optimization on its own typically brings down construction costs by 10-30% or more, depending on the project. Horizontally optimization works within a defined range of IP movement. Resulting improvements over 50% cost reduction are not uncommon.

Design Time Costing
Built-in costing models allow you to calculate your alignment's subgrade construction costs as you design. Quantitively compare multiple alignments and design variables based on construction cost. Know your cost & reduce it.

Optimized Material Movement Schedule
Our Opti-Haul graphic is a detailed plan for visually analyzing optimal material movement. Similar to a mass haul, but with more detail, it includes movement by material and by direction. Opti-Haul graphic (and data export) gives users a prescriptive plan to reduce their haulage costs and make construction jobs more efficient.

Stand-Alone Software or Embedded into RoadEng
Softree Optimal is sold as it's own stand-alone program or is embedded within the full framework of RoadEng. In both options, you can benefit from the patented alignment optimization methods. A Direct interface for exporting cross-sections (assemblies) is available for Civil 3D.

Check Feasibility
Define your design standards and constraints ensure your alignment automatically meets your criteria. Check the feasibility of proposed designs and constraints. View your constraints through the visual feedback of the profile window (including display of the vertical band)

Automatically Balance Mass Haul with Smart Pits
Softree Optimal will look to internally balance your corridor. If not possible, Softree Optimal with leverage Smart Pits. Define available pit locations capacities, distance from the alignment, and preparation cost and Optimal will select the most appropriate ones.
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